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Registered User 2012 Patch 3.4 Download Previews:

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.4 New Features:
  • EURO 2012: Updated EURO 2012 squads; added EURO 2012 Add-on compatibility (download later)
  • Leagues: Adjusted league structure for England, France, Germany with newly promoted teams
  • New boots: adidas EURO 2012 Boots + Nike Clash Collection
  • New faces: About 20 new / updated faces
  • New kits: Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern, Benfica, Celtic, Chelsea, Cottbus, Dortmund, Gladbach, Hamburg, Hannover, Hoffenheim, Ingolstadt, Ireland, Leeds, Leverkusen, Liverpool, Mainz, Manchester City, Manchester United, Marseille, Middlesbrough, Milan, Newcastle, Real Madrid, Schalke, Sochaux, Stuttgart, Swansea, Valencia, Wigan, Wolfsburg
  • New teams: SC Bastia, Jahn Regensburg
  • Transfers: Added some first 12/13 transfers for European teams

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.4 Download Links:
Part 1 : : - Speedyshare:

Part 2: Gamefront: - Speedyshare:

Part 3: Gamefront: Speedyshare:

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Registered User
I think you are over reacting. You probebly talking about ml.
He probebly transferd for barca to bayern if you looked at him then it would say used to play for barca. Then he transferd from bayern to another team and then it say used to play for bayern cause it always shows the last team the player played for and not all of them


Registered User
Hey! I downloaded this great patch and then added euro2012 to it, but when im trying to go deffuealt (Playing ML/BAL) instead of euro i can not go defauelt, so im always have to play euro2012 mode, how can i fix this?