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PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]


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i'm focusing into kits and some other stuff, it's hell of a job i do what i can since am editing by myself.

if you want more updated rosters that's up to you when the final version of this patch be released.

right now i erased most of the repeated boots inserting new ones.


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thanks for share the fixed file and keep updating, L7
i hope everyone who use this great patch can show some appreciation to your effort
you deserve more credits


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sory luigi i want report again about fix to the comunity
when I create a league in the comunity now is work
but to make a cup in the comunity is still frezz
can you fix for this


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I believe you know how to change kit models? The guide doesn't explain how to edit in AFS, just how to put a file in for editing and then taking out the edited file.

I know the the kit templates are in dt0f, but can someone create an idiots guide (a readme or something) for a lameass like myself as I really want to be able to change kit models.

What if I open param.bin (which I saved) with Higgs Param editor, made the changes in that then relinked to dt0f?


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mr.yes: do you own a cfw/jailbreak ps3? can play backup from external hard-drive? I'm guessing you're not.


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Can anbody provide me with guidance on how to change kit models?
Do I unzlib unnamed_34 in dt04 or do I unzlib unnamed_1827 in dt0f?

I'm certain dt0f carries the templates but everytime I try to unzlib unnamed_1827, nothing happens.

Please help as I only plan on doing this once.