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PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]


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Can anbody provide me with guidance on how to change kit models?
Do I unzlib unnamed_34 in dt04 or do I unzlib unnamed_1827 in dt0f?

I'm certain dt0f carries the templates but everytime I try to unzlib unnamed_1827, nothing happens.

Please help as I only plan on doing this once.

1)you need to open dt04 in afs explorer
2)highlight unnamed 34
3)then click the gold z at the top to open zlib manager
4)in zlib manager change length to 16 then click on get from afs
5)highlight zlib then click unpack and save to desktop
6)now edit it in higgs param editor and save
7)highlight zlib again and click compress and open the file you saved and it should say it is compressed and inserted
8)now click on insert in to afs and you are done


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2015-2016: Tottenham kits
balls are on dt0b
and i always drag dt06 togheter with other dt0X when i edit then click first on 06 and unnamed_53 use that as dummy

hi mate what numbers are premiership letters on kits


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Just curious to know if the jailbreak is still restricted to users on firmware below 3.60 only? Or is it possible to break higher fw?


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can anyone post a tutorial of how to tranfer players in winhex thanks

edit transfer players (ingame) mate
then extract unnamed 25 from dt04
zlib the file, open it with winhex/ hex editor
for more information, check your PM mate

@L7: hey mate, any news when will you release the new update?
oh and you should check the training kits. many clubs wear different training kits (Inter Milan, Man Utd, Man City, etc). maybe you can relink it again in the new update, mate


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Can anyone tell me which tools I must have to make patch?
And how to edit league structure and put in new teams?
I want to make Serbian league.


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Hi bro already done with downloading your fantastic pacth.. everything looks fine.. but i have some problem what i just realize.

1. I have 2 Bayer Munchen & 2 Werder Bremen, which one is in PES League (bundesliga) and the some team also in other league.

2. When to transfer for national.. i see a lot off Dummy player.. it can be fix??

3. Italy National team number.. it looks covering the name of the player i think is to "tall"

4. Also i have 2 Nike Tiempo boots.. same preview and the same boots.

But you're really making a great "breakthroughs" for the PS3 Jailbroken user.. :)

Hope your update will release soon.




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hi to luigi 7 ive now inserted every premiership kit and font if you need them i can send them to you or need any other help pm me


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I replaced it. But i forgot to backup files and.. I corrupted. when i run the game. It said something to Delete Gamedata. but i don't know which file to delete. Option File? It's a lot. Which ones should i choose?


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I had solved my problem by Delete the BLES 01021 INSTALL , Can u show me where the DLC location. I couldn't find it .


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I have another error...

Community Mode... now freeze when you start a new CUP.

also what reef kits did u use??? why the reff had a CSKA Mos at their pocket?


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guys sorry for the delay but my ps3 just broke with yellow light, sorry but i leave editing as that, now am focusing to buy a new one but that's gonna take some weeks see ya then and enjoy the patch!!! :)