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[PS3] Teams sharing thread.

cantona 21

Registered User
Hey guys. Ive already imported the Bundesliga into my game and now Im looking to add a couple more teams. I tried to import Anzhi but the file name was EXPORT07 or something like that which was Nurnburg or someone in my SaveData folder on the PS3, it said a file with that name already exists, do I want to overwrite. If I do this will it remove Nurnburg and add Anzhi into the Bundesliga? I tried to rename the file but it then showed up as corrupted data in the SaveData folder on PS3. If I overwrite the existing ones will it make a mess of my game?


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Yes it will replace nurnberg based on what you have writte. but you can chose the slot manually which team you want to overwrite. Just make sure you don't overwrite existing players there is a slot where you can add new players


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Bloody he'll just reread what you wrote, as long as you have saved the BL teams in game you don't have to worry about overwriting a team you are importing in SAVEDATA you can only import 20 sides at a time. Inthought you had save to SAVEDATA and where putting Anzhi in pes

cantona 21

Registered User
Cheers mate. So if I was to export Nurnburg as slot 20 say, import Anzhi over 7 and then import Nurnburg again as 20 there would be no problem? As only 1-16v are in use at the moment.

EDIT: Cool, Ill have a fiddle and see what happens :D


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If someone is interested in nPower Championship for the BLES 01407 you can download it's 18 teams from here:

This is NOT made by me but it's creator "Ferraro" (PSN: FerraroFinn in case you want to thank him) from Finnish gaming site asked me to post these teams here. So all credits to him.

File includes (players, stats, some appearances..):

- Barnsley
- Birmingham City *
- Blackpool *
- Bristol City
- Burnley
- Cardiff City
- Coventry City
- Hull City
- Ipswich Town
- Leeds United
- Leicester City
- Middlesbrough
- Millwall
- Nottingham Forest *
- Portsmouth
- Reading
- Watford
- West Ham United

*has it's own logo

Ferraro made teams from scratch and spent around 4 hours and more for each team. He didn't create tactics or some newer young players. Ferraro used these sites to create his Championship as accurate as possible: ... b_GB2.html

Enjoy for "Ferraro's" teams and remember to thank him via PSN (FerraroFinn)!


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I need Hajduk Split ?????

You can make it yourself, just find a thread called "(STATS) FM TO PES Converter" (or something like that) and do it yourself because no one is going to create such small teams. you can look up logos and kits


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Any Primera División because konami forgot to add some mexican teams in the copa libertadores they need to update or I need to know how to import teams.


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I tried to download the files from Galfano for the African, Asian teams but it said it is temporarily not available in my area, I live in Hong Kong.
Is there any way to solve this problem ?
Thanks for your help.


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PES2012 has a new feature that allows to import or export single teams.
This way you can add single teams to your option file, without having to change the whole thing.

Feel free to post here your creations, stating what version it is for(UK, US, EU, etc) clear name of the team, and a brief description of it.

As with the OF threads, we only accept posts with download links, and, no requests or questions will be allowed.

[US] FC Anzhi Makhachkala & Steaua Bucharest by Gabiduta1
[US] 15 Npower championship teams by IronCity
[US] All Americas national teams by Robbyearon
[EU] Borussia Dortmund by Peda69
[US] Lokomotiv Moscow by Gabiduta1
[US] BATE, APOEL, Viktoria Plzen by fcpappin
[EU] 15 Liga Adelante teams by Neymar
[US] Kuwait National Team by M.Essa
[US] West Ham United by Andyash
[US] Bundesliga by GermanIbarra
[EU] Bundesliga by GermanIbarra
[US] 18 Liga Adelante teams by Peru82
[EU] FC Anzhi Makhachkala by FunnyMan_
[US] Southampton by Andyash
[EU] Bundesliga created by moeom, link by Wesmouton
[EU] Panama by Luukzwaan
[US] Leicester City by Andyash
[US] 7 Classic National Teams by SammyGunner11
[US] Birmingham City by Andyash
[EU] APOEL and BATE by Daimpa
[UK] Panathinaikos by MeatGravyMeat
[US] European National teams by Galfano
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[EU] Estonia national team by alabardato

thanks, but can you say wich NT teams are in the european national teams? sorry for bad english