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[PS3 UK] GTM / OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)

glen the magpie

Registered User
i forgot to add this to the first post:

In keeping with the new UEFA ruling stating "all sock tape worn must match the color of the stocking" or socks to us, i have removed all sock tape from premier league players to give the illusion of matching sock tape. all other players will be done as i go through each league and these will be included in further updates.

Tigers Mad

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the squads are amazing with the younsters in there, great update Glen, had to play it to see what it was like, supurb mate :)


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There is two Patrick van Aanholt, Jeffrey Bruma, Nathaniel, Chalobah Josh McEachran one player signed in the right club the other is a free agent.

great work glen


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thanks AGAIN for the great work Glen & cheers for uploading 1.2 on 4shared ;p)))

PS notice Petrov is in the Villa's squad, has he retired? or on a long medical leave?, theres 2 Marco Van Ginkel Lewis Holtby Delfouneso Haedo Valdez Thomas Ince Lorenzo Insigne Erik Lamela Henri Lansbury Lucas Moura Chris Mavinga Emmanuel Mayuka Sammy Ameobi Virgil Van Dijk Ricky Van Haaren Yani Wildschut and also Lille has just released GK Mickael Landreau...


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updated the first post ready for 1.2 release later.

sorry no collabs im afraid.

Thanks for the update.

I wasn't asking to collaborate. Just to get your permission to send an edited version of your file to people.

I have spent today editing and testing Totenham, Newcastle, Man U, Man City, arsenal and Chelsea to get them more realistic and enjoyable to play against or with. I will be editing all teams in the game like this as I have done with files going back to PES5.

It will either just be something I use just myself or I could forward it on for people to try if it's ok with you


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Little help with 1.2

Have the file up to 1.2. Is there anyway to download it without opening a account on 4shared like before when it was on the other site?

Please help. Thanks


Registered User
Like what you did with the stadiums, signal iduna, stamford bridge looking great. Hope they add more parts and editable options for stadiums in future!!


Registered User
what should i say about ur file glen?? this year i bought the uk version because of u...i finally wanted to have a good OF in pes and i finally got one that is better than good...AMAZING JOB! THX


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How about Tiago Alves at Santos? He's on loan at América Mineiro in the Brazilian second division right now, but he should play a role in the side next season once Neymar leaves. They look very much alike too.

Club: Santos FC
Name: Tiago Alves
Shirt Name: TIAGO
Number: --
Positions: SS*, SMF
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 19 (12/01/1993)

Height: 182 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Injury Tolerance: B
Foot: L
Side: B

Attack: 77
Defence: 38
Balance: 72
Stamina: 80
Top Speed: 85
Acceleration: 88
Response: 77
Agility: 85
Dribble Accuracy: 83
Dribble Speed: 85
Short Pass Accuracy: 73
Short Pass Speed: 72
Long Pass Acc.: 73
Long Pass Speed: 72
Shot Accuracy: 76
Shot Power: 80
Shot Technique: 77
Free Kick Accuracy: 70
Curling: 76
Header: 72
Jump: 75
Technique: 82
Aggression: 82
Mentality: 72
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 72



Registered User
Also, the green on the Chelsea keeper shirt is a bit too light. It's a dark green.

I've been using...


and it looks great in game.


Registered User
I am having major major issues and its starting to pee me off.

Just got the game for Xmas and I want to get everything downloaded and play.

However the edit data gets to 99% and then just freezes.. It does install so that wasnt the problem... However its freezing with EVERY item at the moment.. The rest get to 97% and just freeze. WTF is going on with it. I have not got the time to install it item by item and restart the PS3 after it crashes on everyone. It is so fricking frustrating.

glen the magpie

Registered User
ok when you put your usb into the ps3 and you acess it on the save data folder, wait for all the files to load up by that i mean wait for all the spinning arrow icons to go. then seelect all then wait for all files to get selected, for example it should look like this 700/700 ive just used 700 as a random number. then copy the files over.

danny james

New Member
Hi Glen, first off massive thank you to for all your hard work! I always use your files and am so grateful for all the work you put in. I got the game at xmas and would love to have your file but just wanted to check that it is compatible with the new Data Pack(3)