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Racing numbers


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Right, nice and simple thread - when you race-modify a car (our garage consists of three such cars) part of the paint-job adds a racing number to the car (which you can specify when viewing the car in your garage).

This is the place to lay claim to a number - although we are relatively few at the moment, hopefully more will join so get your number choices in now.

For the visuals to work, it will be good for everyone to stick to their racing numbers on all their race-modded cars. Makes it easier to identify people in the photos etc.

Numbers go from 1-99 and those that are taken are as listed below. Anything else is up-for-grabs.


#7 - Team Abu
#13 - Team Fickle
#20 - Team Phatmann
#23 - Appswah Autos
#31 - Nifty1Pound50 Motorsport Inc.
#69 - Muskulösport
#80 - Force IronCity
#87 - Makavelian Motors


I knew it, I just knew it, I said to myself while waiting for this thread to open - I bet MMatt wants #69. I just knew it. I thought someone had this number but it appears they backed out.l


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I'm thinking of a number. What is it?



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It was me who had it originally. I then changed it to 7 as my younger brother might look and see me racing and get me done