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Read Before Making a New Thread Please


Why have you made this thread?

This thread is just to clarify where specifically your newly created threads should be posted.

The different sections:

PES 2012 Discussions
- PES 2012 Become A Legend
- PES 2012 Master League
- PES 2012 Club Boss
- PES 2012 Online

As you can see from the above PES 2012 Discussions forum, it also has 4 'sub-forums' too (smaller sections). These are to discuss the relevant areas of the game. The sub-forums can be found at the top of the main PES 2012 Discussions forum. So for example, discussion of PES 2012's general gameplay, AI etc would go in the main PES 2012 Discussions forum. However, if you want to create a thread to talk about anything within Become A Legend mode, then it should go in the PES 2012 Become A Legend 'sub-forum' which you'll find at the top of the main PES 2012 Discussions forum. If you want to discuss the offline Master League, then do so in the Master League section, and so on. Master League Online should be dicussed in the 'Online' section.

This thread here is just to clarify some points to help keep everything organised, and easier to find for the PES community.

As you can suspect, all queries, threads and discussions regarding editing, option files and patching goes in the PES 2012 Editing and Option Files forum which you will find just below PES 2012 Dicussions on the main forum index.

Thanks everyone. :)