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Russian Premier League


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Thank you thank you el julio perfect!!!!! Great work !! continue!!
it will be ry perfect if you can do the maroccan league, the botola.


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спасиба / thanks

To be honest I'm done with trying to create a league, for pes 2012 I'll do big teams from around the world and I'll try to include Raja and Wydad

I know we're all tired of people making stupid requests such as an eejit who keeps asking for the turkish league when there's a thread dedicated to it but med64 isn't really ordering me to work for him, just wants to see some love for his league.


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on their last game the formation was: gk anton shunin, rb wilkshire, lb granat, rcb fernandez lcb lomic; rcmf misimovic lcmf sapeta, rsmf samedov lsmf smolov; right ss voronin left cf kuranyi,
hope it helps


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Diego Tardelli (Anzhi)
Hair: Babel (Netherlands)
Scan by hawaiiom:
Colour: 45-31-19

Placement UP3/RIGHT1/Size +2 (do the build first to make the match easier)

Build: 4/-3,0/1/3/4/4/-2,2/-3


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I think this team (anzhi) is worth being created, they just signed Balázs Dzsudzsák from PSV even though some big teams were after him


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I think this team (anzhi) is worth being created, they just signed Balázs Dzsudzsák from PSV even though some big teams were after him

Yep I saw that transfer, that's what got me editing this thread again, I've updated Lokomotiv, CSKA and Dynamo with a couple more builds I found and a better layout but tomorrow I'll start posting up stuff about Anzhi.


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Elvir Rahimić (CSKA & Bosnia)
Hair: S. Fletcher (Scotland)
BASE: 1/2/5/3/-6,6/-4/-5/-5/-3/4/-3,5/0
BROWS: 14/3/2/-5/-3/1/-3/2/4/15-10-7
EYES: 9/15/-4/3/1/-3/-1,4/-5/-2/-1/2/-1,-2/Bright/5
EARS: 2/2,-2
NOSE: -2,3/-1,1/-3/-5/-1,1/-2
MOUTH: 4/-1/1/-4,2/7,6/4,2/1
JAW: -3/-2/-6
BEARD: 17/1/24-24-24

Chidi Odiah (CSKA & Nigeria)
Hair: Briand (Lyon)
BASE: 6/8/5/3/6,-3/-4/-5/0/5/3/-2,5/5
BROWS: 13/2/1/1/5/5/-5/-7/2/Black
EYES: 15/6/6/-4/3/5/-4,-3/-5/1/7/1/5,-2/Bright/1
EARS: 2/-1,0
NOSE: -6,-3/-3,-1/-3/1/-1,-4/-2
MOUTH: 3/-1/0/1,1/3,6/6,3/0
JAW: 0/1/2
BEARD: 22/3/Black

Sergei Ignashevich (CSKA & Russia)
Hair: Bilic (Croatia)
BASE: 1/4/2/3/3,4/-1/1/-4/3/4/1,4/3
BROWS: 9/2/1/7/-4/1/3/-2/3/13-12-10
EYES: 8/9/-4/-3/-2/3/-2,0/1/-1/2/2/2,-3/Bright/2
EARS: -3/1,1
NOSE: 3,-1/1,-3/-2/-1/2,-2/2
MOUTH: 3/-2/-1/1,-1/5,4/5,1/2
JAW: 4/3/-1


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Credits (Rep): PNGS's = venado

Anzhi Makhachkala Kits

BASE : 4 / White
BASE : White
BASE : White
BASE : 2 / 29-26-7
DESIGN 1 : 14 / 0-1-5
DESIGN 2 : 12 / 0-1-5
DESIGN 3 : 5 / 0-1-5
DESIGN 4 : 23 / 0-1-5
BASE : 29-26-7
DESIGN 1 : 1 / 0-1-5
DESIGN 2 : 3 / 0-1-5
DESIGN 3 : 19 / 0-1-5
BASE : 0-1-5
DESIGN 1 : 1 / White
DESIGN 2 : 2 / White
BASE : 2 / 21-29-12
DESIGN 1 : 8 / 0-1-5
DESIGN 2 : 14 / 0-1-5
DESIGN 3 : 12 / 0-1-5
DESIGN 4 : 20 / 21-29-12
BASE : White
DESIGN 1 : 1 / Black
DESIGN 2 : 3 / Black
BASE : White

NAME : 3 - 2-10-5/0-1-5/Black
NUMBER : 3 / 2-10-5/0-1-5/Black
CHEST # : -
SHORT # : Right / 2-10-5/0-1-5/Black


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Marko Baša (Lokomotiv & Montenegro)
Hair: Onur K. (Turkey)
BASE: 1/14/2/-1/-6,3/-4/0/-2/-4/2/3,6/-1
BROWS: 5/2/1/-3/2/-5/-2/1/4/14-9-5
EYES: 1/6/2/-5/2/-1/-3,-1/1/-1/-2/-3/-4,-4/Bright/4
EARS: -1/-3,0
NOSE: 3,3/-3,-1/-2/3/-3,3/-3
MOUTH: 2/-3/1/-1,1/-2,4/-5,-3/-2
JAW: 5/1/1
BEARD: 27/4/14-10-6

Dmitri Torbinskiy (Lokomotiv & Russia)
Hair: Arshavin (Russia)
BASE: 1/5/1/-3/6,-4/-3/-6/-5/-1/4/-4,0/-4
BROWS: 9/1/1/7/-1/4/2/-2/3/Black
EYES: 15/7/-1/5/3/-1/-1,1/-1/-2/-1/1/-1,-1/Bright/7
EARS: 1/-1,4
NOSE: -2,-1/-3,3/-1/2/-2,0/0
MOUTH: 1/-3/-3/-1,1/3,3/-2,-1/-4
JAW: 3/-3/1
BEARD: 24/3/8-5-3

Renat Yanbaev (Lokomotiv & Russia)
Hair: Krasic (Juventus)
BASE: 1/2/1/2/3,-2/3/-2/-4/2/2/-4,-4/-4
BROWS: 12/1/3/5/4/2/1/-3/4/41-35-29
EYES: 12/6/1/-1/-1/1/1,-1/0/-1/1/-1/-2,0/Bright/2
EARS: 2/2,-1
NOSE: -1,1/-1,-1/-2/1/0,-2/2
MOUTH: 2/0/1/-3,0/-5,-3/2,1/2
JAW: 1/-4/2


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Surprised Dzsudzsak went to Anzhi.
Will have to check the team out.

Great kits/editing as always.

Thanks, Anzhi have a pretty strong first 11 but after that the quality dips, I've got them in my game and they're nice to play but as in real life where they're in the top half they need more quality players.


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For anyone who has done Lokomotiv Moscow in game, Victor Obinna (West Ham) has just transferred there so put him in the team.
I've done tweaks of stats/builds of Dmitri Tarasov, Taras Burlak & Magomed Ozdoev and put up their new 2nd goalie Aleksandr Filtsov as well.


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Hey man, I made him darker thats the best i could do cos the scan looks crap without the beard?

I personally would still go down the Fábio Simplício route with blue dreads?

but again your call, hope it works out

V.Love Darker tone



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V.Love Darker tone

Vagner Love (CSKA Moscow)

Colour: 25-15-11

Placement: Make it so the eyes are in the eye slots, the nose above the nose line and the mouth a bit above the mouth line,I think you have to move the scan left a bit, reduce the width and take it up a few times, do the build first to get it right.

Build: 3/3,6/1/2/-1/5/2,-1/0

HAIR: Long/Dreads/4/3-7-19 (yes it's blue) or Long/Dreads/7/3-7-19



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Hair Base Copy

Durica → Viktor Elm (Sweden)

Anyukov → Fletcher (Scotland)
Semak → Baird (Fulham)
Denisov → Hangeland (Fulham) – Head Size: 0,3 Head Depth: +1
Malafaev → McCann (Northern Ireland)


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Last updates to teams (barring transfers)

Fixes: Glushakov, Sychev, Burlak, Tarasov, Ozdoev (Lokomotiv) Kolodin (Dynamo) Mamaev, Aldonin, Oliseh, Semberas, Nababkin, Schennikov (CSKA)

New Builds/Scan/Player: Ignashevich, Vagner Love (CSKA) Yanbaev, Torbinsky, Filtsov (Lokomotiv)

Hair: Durica (Lokomotiv) Anyukov, Denisov, Malafeev, Semak (Zenit)

New Lokomotiv Goalkeeper Kit.

Manuel da Costa & Victor Obinna (West Ham) → Lokomotiv

That's me finished with this thread, I'll update it with transfers or if anyone posts up builds or whatever but on my part I'm not adding anything else at least untill pes 2012, enjoy.