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The Best Striker On The Game


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There are a helluva lot of good strikers, you don't always need the striker with the best stats in the game to get goals, your tactics might need improving, or you might have to get a more solid midfield, or a good playmaker etc.

With a good formation, solid line-up (not just of the best players) and skill, you can get results.


Adriano and Ibrahimovic.. cheats.

For scoring though, I'm more of that mid-field type of scorer.

Ex: Luciano Galletti for Olympiakos, Kaka for AC Milan.


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Larsson is actually a good buy. His stats are high, and he's cheap. Problem is he's old so he'll retire after like one or two seasons.


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i know m8, people as for the best striker all the time and i sing his praises all the time. Perfect player, cheap, scores goals in the air and at his feet. Age is the only negative


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I know some people are all against Classic players etc. but for me it just improves the game so I'd say B. Laudrup - after playing with him for a couple of seasons ALL his stats are in red (95 +)

All he is missing is a star on Scoring...but he still gets a boat load and turns defenders inside out to create for others.

Eusebio is also great. scored over 130 goals for me in 80 odd games. He has good body balance, good dribbling stats, his agility is fai enough and his shooting is matche dby no other on the game as far as I've seen.


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The best ones :tongue: . Adriano is overrated though, he isn't playing THAT good, plus he is at Manchester City now :shocking:


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depends what goals your after - my madrid ML saviola is unbelievable, side foot goals all day


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Ronaldo (Milan) > Berbatov (Spurs)

The two best I have used, gets good goals and can basically do it all. However, if you have the cash just buy Kaka - Best player in the game, obviously.


Rooney is my favourite striker, the man can score from anywhere, he is also good at free kicks, has good strength, is good at dribbling and only young


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Well, best all-around strikers are: Ibrahimovic, Shevchenko, Eto'o, Makaay, Larsson, and Iaquinta (not joking).

Henry and Rooney are not good in the air, Adriano Can't use right foot, that why they are not included


Yeah i agree that Rooney isn't good in the air, but during the off season i do team training and boost Rooneys heading abilty


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well i dont know about best..but the best CF i play with is fernando torres, very good finisher, is good at dribbling and is also strong! I like to use zlatan as AMF =). Favourite players in the game: Gerrard, Zlatan, Torres =)