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The Best Striker On The Game


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Rooney glitch

my brother always used to swear by Larsson in all the pre-pro evo's he scored so many goals for him!!
In pro evo 6 I managed to buy Rooney at the first trans window first season (dont know if this was a glitch) I swapped i think Castello and some money. He won most of the games for me there after (unless he was injured) kind of took the fun out of it tho.

To be honest I always make myself and all my mates with over rated stats then buy them all in the master league, This is my sole reason for building a master league team up with loads of cash. Then of course im the best striker!!!! he he!! with a bit of a beer belly 99 everything apart from GK skills and some other stats. make every one in our football team then play!! much funnier when your your self and skin half the man u team and score!!!


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for my team its freddy adu, his stats are really good to start with and cos he's so young he just keeps getting better and better!


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for my team its freddy adu, his stats are really good to start with and cos he's so young he just keeps getting better and better!

Nicolae ( i think i spelt it right) the romanian striker, tops my league with assists and goals :)


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Still the best goal for my ML team is 249 till now (2011)
good body balance, pace and shoot power


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Ibrahimovic caused me loads of problems when i was playing against Sweden the other night.


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Adriano is so overated. The best left footer in the game is van Persie, great dribbling and free kicks with one hell of a long range shot.


"ThE liTtlE PhAraOh"
hey somegooner you speak arabic too? I wish we can arrange some online games for better connectivity if we all live close to eachother.


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Ya gedoo Inta masri?? Ana Falastini 3ayesh bi Dubai. Wallah lazem inshoof ba3ad shi yom ah Usul?? Arabic could be our secret code on this site but others might think that we are terrorists but they say never mix sports and politics.


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Schwarz is an amazing striker playing him on the right of attack, and using his left foot.Een when you 1st get him and his stats are low he still bangs the goals in. Great player in ML


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man go unlock eusbio hes a rocket has a deadly powerful shot and hes 23 in it so you"ll get years out of him in the masterleague


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Well, best all-around strikers are: Ibrahimovic, Shevchenko, Eto'o, Makaay, Larsson, and Iaquinta (not joking).

Henry and Rooney are not good in the air, Adriano Can't use right foot, that why they are not included

ive noticed that as well iaquinta aint to shabby.


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Ibrahimovic seems like he's on steroids...he's constantly zipping into the box and getting on the end of things...all the time...