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The Best Striker On The Game


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Rooney, Rooney, Rooney, all day long! Even at the start of a new master league, Rooney can get you goals from just about anywhere. And once he reaches his peak, the man is unstoppable. I'm in my sixth year and Rooney has 271 goals in 242 appearances. Even on the hardest difficulty level, Rooney is almost impossible to push off the ball, and some of the shots he can pull off are amazing. He's my penalty and free kick taker, and he hasn't had a penalty saved in ages, and he hits the target with most free kicks. Just like in real life, the man is a legend.


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try cwarim, he on a free and is 90+ for most stats and is actually johan cruyff

That's cheating, mate. We're not talking about the hidden classic players. If we were, than the title of best striker would have to go to Cruyff, Van Basten, Romario, or Maradona.


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ah, sorry didnt realise

in that case, kluivert works wonders even though hes got ok stats hes a goal machine for me, same with riordan, he gets better


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That's cheating, mate. We're not talking about the hidden classic players. If we were, than the title of best striker would have to go to Cruyff, Van Basten, Romario, or Maradona.

Pele,batistuata and kempes they are amazing aswell


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Adriano is the best. His shots, headers and body balance makes him the complete player. Other than that, Eto'o.


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^Agreed. He's way to fast on the game.
I also find Rooney awesome. Also Totti can score from everywhere which makes him a very good striker.


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im suprised noone has mentioned benzema.. well for masterleague.. he becomes probs best striker in game when developed, hes fast. strong.. skillfull.. and great shot..

but hes not so good out of masterleague.. hes ok but not great.

out of masterleague.. i would have to say andrew johnson.. =], i prefere using teams like everton or man city than teams like barcalona.. or brazil.. and then u get people saying hahahaha online when they score against an everton side when they got about 5 strikers on their barcalona team =S


Gotta' say i'm a big fan of PES Cruiyff (sp). Scores every game without fail, and manages to net the most akward of positioned shots.


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If it's an exhibition then Rooney is pretty special, can't say I've really seen any close to him except Adriano.
In master league Orellano becomes the best striker, hands down. 97 agility, speed and acceleration with 95+ eveything else.


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Hamil Altintop is incredible after a few years, most of his are mid-90s, he has great body balance to get past defenders and speed to match. Acc/technique/power all 94/95, for me this and speed are all that matter in striker, but he has everything, great header, acceleration etc

cheap too!

from my spurs team, van der vaart and taarabt are brilliant when used up front, vdv's development graph is nearly off the chart!

fernando torres is great in exhibition, even though his stats may say otherwise.


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Owen and Drogba, but Owen is incredibly fast and dribbles fast, he even clouds out the effect of Martins Obafemi