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The Master League Experiences Thread


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How long are the matches you're playing? Having 4 players with 200+ tackles in a single season is truly impressive.

12 minutes. I play with 2 center back and one dmf. Last season I was switching these 3 alot. Now Im trying out Ramos on the right , because I sold Danilo, and got 2 new cb's. Although its not Superstar level, I play at Top player difficulty, because manual passing isnt easy on the keyboard. These matches can be really different. In spanish supercup I lost first game to barca 4-0, and second game at Barneabau I won 5-0 after extra time.


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Maybe it's because I keep possession much more, but the most tackles I've had in seasons with 55/60 games never reached 180 for a single player, not even close to having 4 over 200.

From my previous ML on January 17th.
In this game you have to press and tackle because intercepting passes is broken.
The other thing can be I always have auto sliding on assist. I dont slide myself almost at all, only in situations when I got no choice, I dont do standing tackles because they dont work even on -2 pace. Auto sliding comes in handy when there is space enought to win the ball without fouling. Players dont do that very often but it might increase number of tackles won.


At last I've finished my 9th season with Porto. Took me well over a month...

The squad boasts the following players (long post ahead):

Helton: I want to like him, but I can't. Not sure why. He's good, but never gives me the confidence I had with Cillessen in PES2015, for example.

Sá: still on point, still the #1, I'll hold on to him.

Carvalho: what a player. This is the perfect centre back. Baresi would be proud. Scores more than 10 headers a season, unrivalled leap this man has.

Alves: just like with Helton, there's something missing. Don't get me wrong, he wins every ball and takes anything and anyone standing on his way, but... I don't know.

Cardoso: not strong enough, not fast enough, not this enough, but still one of the best players I've ever used. He's, literally, always in the right place.

Fonte: Cardoso's replacement when the time comes. Much better in aerial duels, the rest is still there. Usually plays alongside Alves and is the one who's there the cover the holes left by the murderous man-mountain.

Cancelo: no more words needed. Is holding on surprising well though, almost no declining apart from speed.

Miguel Lopes: Vieirinha is useless as a right back, so in came another full back from Boavista. Pinpoint Crossing helps immensely, very good Ball Winning, was more than enough during Cancelo's 18-week injury.

Emídio: Cancelo's left footed counterpart.

Eliseu: WHAT A FUCKING BEAST. Not even Riise matches this man. The goals I've scored... oh my, oh my! Only comparable to a steam train.

Neves: no more words needed. Getting excellent in defensive duties.

Tiago: if he was any better when attacking, he would be unstoppable. Wins everything in defence, excellent passing, does not get tired, the whole package.

Renato: excellent dribbling, speed is declining fast, physically still the more impressive player I've ever used.

Moutinho: one for the future. Great passing, explosive power even better than Bernardo's, surprisingly strong.

Adrien: just one to fill in the gaps whenever needed. More box-to-box than Moutinho, the former is more versed in going forward.

Bernardo: the best there is.

André Carvalhas: the surprise player I talked about sometime earlier [MENTION=180348]Ali[/MENTION]. I just like him, even if in theory he's too short and weak. Weighted Pass is wonderful, quick dribbling with explosive direction changes. Stamina is really bad though.

Quaresma: no more words needed.

Iuri: seems like he found a new life, albeit a different one. More technical but much slower. Still an important part of the team.

Rosa: preparing the future. Might not stay. Also brought in to take Danny's place after the latter left due to "insufficient playing time".

Guedes: no more words needed.

Ivo: One of my favourite players. Very clever, always on the right place, deadly shots, freekicks, headers, everything. Low speed is not an issue when you are this good in everything else.

Silva: no more words needed.

Ronaldo: took me an awful lot of time to find his best position. Too low dribbling for a winger, but that speed... and way too weak for a proper centre forward. In the end he established himself as a proper striker. Still needs a lot of work to truly make a difference week in, week out (right now he can score 3/4 goals in a game, and fail to score in 3/4 games in a row).


It is happening again
I'm pretty much done with my ML, expect a bit of an image dump at some point this week. :)

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Quaresma: no more words needed.

Nice! :D

Your first 100 OR player this year?

[MENTION=180348]Ali[/MENTION] - I'm also nearly done with my ML...looking forward to the new game. Already making a shortlist of potential players I want to sign & develop! (looking forward to the image dump)


Nice! :D

Your first 100 OR player this year?

Yep, and likely the last one. I'm just playing some games here and there, I'm also waiting for the new game.

Some goals, 9 minutes of them. Very shit quality, but that's the best I can do. I'll try some new things next time.



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Yep, and likely the last one. I'm just playing some games here and there, I'm also waiting for the new game.

Some goals, 9 minutes of them. Very shit quality, but that's the best I can do. I'll try some new things next time.

Nice goals! Do you play full manual passing and shooting?


Nice goals! Do you play full manual passing and shooting?

Nope. Basic shooting (advanced is just stupid and I already miss way too many open goals like this) and lvl 1 passing. I might try manual just for the fun of it though, see how it goes.

Some of those goal were pure luck, like Miguel Lopes screamer from the right hand side.


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Manual passing can be so frustraiting at times, but if you are focused 100% you can play really well, when it comes off its so worth it, completely different game you play

btw retarded defenders always crack me up, like this last one running towards the goal instead of closing Xavi down.


It is happening again
Yesterday I witnessed a player passing the ball to himself from a free kick. Surely that's against the rules :erm: ? It was a short free kick, the player he intended to pass to completely ignored the ball, so the free kick taker just ran on to the pass himself!


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This is what a regenned Francesco Totti looks like after ten years:

My regenned Antonio Di Natale, who just became a legend on my game, isn't too far behind him:

Those two up front! Well, let's just say that for the last two seasons they've combined to score over 100 goals between them.

Totti is crazy and nearly all red 99s. It helps when you've got three legends who play the same position as he does: Messi (still going at 40!), Neymar, and Di Natale, who combine to give him this in training:

Crazy stuff!


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I cannot imagine what it feels like playing with Totti and him being faster than everybody else.


Yeah, it's pretty crazy. I see him in the replays after I've scored with him, and I have to remind myself: "You know Totti couldn't actually get to that through ball in real life, right?"

It's not realistic, I know, but in my 13th season with Forest, I think I've gotten past the point of suspending reality (we've won the league for the past four seasons, three-in-a-row Champions league, and there's a couple of trebles in there as well).

I've started another Master League with Forest, and we're still in the Championship in the second season, but I keep coming back to this team because once you've played with players who have that much speed, control, and technique/ability, it's hard to go back to the has-beens and the nearly-men.


Alright, this is what I have so far. 7 seasons of data, 10 seasons played.

Players with most appearances (over 100):

Most goals (over 100):

Most assists (over 100):

Most prolific (over 0.75 goals/assists per game):

Some interesting things that comefrom the first pic:

- Helton has less games than Anthony Lopes despite having played 2 years more than the latter.

- José Fonte scores less than Carvalho (as expected), but way more often than I'd expect.

- Tiago almost never plays (14 games per season)

- Renato only had one season (when he flourished) with more than 10 goals/assists.

- Valerón was a true assist king disguised as a midfilder.

- Bernardo Silva scores much more often than expected (once every 3 games)

- Zé Roberto and Danny pretty much never played (specially the portuguese, 6 games/season) but were almost always decisive

- The attacking options speak for themselves.

If anybody wants the Excel sheet I'll gladly share it here.
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So this is my Tottenham Squad as of September 2026.

Totti - 103 (Age 25)
Klose - 101 (Age 25)
Luisao - 98 (Age 24)
Iniesta - 97 (Age 22)
Evra - 96 (Age 22)
Tevez - 94 (Age 19)
Pirlo - 93 (Age 22)
Plasil - 92 (Age 20)
Ibrahimovic - 92 (Age 21)
Casillas - 92 (Age 23)
Daniel Alves - 91 (Age 21)
Di Maria - 91 (Age 19)
Vidic - 89 (Age 21)
Lahm - 89 (Age 21)
Baines - 88 (Age 22)
Chiellini - 88 (Age 21)
Buffon - 86 (Age 19)
Ozil - 85 (Age 19)
Hulk - 85 (Age 18)
Mata - 83 (Age 19)
Robben - 82 (Age 17)
Higuain - 81 (Age 18)
Ronaldo - 81 (Age 17)
Modric - 80 (Age 17)
Diego Costa - 79 (Age 17)
Hamsik - 78 (Age 17)
Oscar - 77 (Age 16)
Sergio Ramos - 77 (Age 16)
Peter Cech - 76 (Age 17)
Rooney - 76 (Age 16)
Jerome Boateng - 75 (Age 16)

Current funds: ₤445,229,160

Kind of sad that the new game is soon due. Could play this forever.


Current funds: ₤445,229,160

Kind of sad that the new game is soon due. Could play this forever.

What season are you in?

I could play this forever as well, but my computer decides not to let me. For the first time in 2 months we are having temperatures below 30ºC, but it still shuts down due to being too hot. In the last week I tried to finish the same game at least a dozen times.

[MENTION=180348]Ali[/MENTION] where are dem ML picz??


It is happening again

Here you go. Team rating:

A few selected player pics:

If I could be arsed carrying on for 3 more seasons or so, he would've been +100ovr. Not bad for a non-regen eh?

The last ML match I played was when I finally got Alli's ball winning stat to 75, so they were all "coloured".

Best defender in the game.

Best player in the game.

Quintero was probably my favourite player.

Berardi improved far more than I expected him to.

Amazing keeper stats... not that it matters.

Probably my only regret. Was a level 2 prodigy when I let him out on loan. He lost his prodigy status, didn't develop at all when out on loan, and never got a flourish. If I had kept him, and he had his flourish he could've been 90ovr player. Still a beast though.

If you want any more screenshots, let me know. :)