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The request/create a kit thread


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Exactly what the thread title suggests really.

I'm not sure if anything like this has been done before. It could be good or turn in to a complete failure. One of the two.

We all like to have our OF's and kits looking spot on, but I think it'd be nice to have the option to mess about with the kits and make some fantasy ones.

So yeah, use this thread to request a kit, as in, what you'd like it to include and for what team, in the hope someone makes it.

Alternatively, post pictures of kits you've created yourself. Only do this if you're going to make them available though, otherwise it's pointless and very selfish on your part. ¬_¬

I'll leave this open for a week or so, but if it has little or no interest, I'll close it down. Use it or lose it. :)


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JJB Irish Premier League Teams

Great idea for a thread.....

i have a few i did for my wee bro and then a crystal palace one that a guy requested.

find them here:

OH and I would like to ask if someone wudden mind having a crack at editing the licensed teams because i am almost 100% sure that this was possible in PES6. dying to get the carling logos on the celtic & rangers kits. (and i cudden be assed recreating the whole team.)


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Could anyone please try creating the rangers home and away strips (with Carling logo of course). It irritates me they dont have it on the shirt, Im just gonna make one of default teams into a proper Rangers FC (not Rangers Football Club lol)


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If anyone could do the Leyton Orient home & away kits that would be great, they're plain on the back, thanks.


Lee Fenton

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:superman::thewave:Have a go with these if they work, let me know and I'll have cracked this editing lark and the footballing kits ofr the world will be at my mercy for including in PES2009. If they don't it's back to the drawing board.
\\CRPFIL01.GROUP.NET\LC18851\My Pictures
\\CRPFIL01.GROUP.NET\LC18851\My Pictures

Lee Fenton

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Looks like it didn't work, getting the PNG image onto the website can't attach a jpeg either:realmad::realmad::realmad::fplm::no:


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i think it would be pretty useful to have all the championship kits done.
badges n logo's are pretty straight forward, i hope someone releases an option file with the champion ship teams in it!

would make masterleague alot more official!


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a championship patch would be great, also want to get tranmere rovers if anyone can make that or tell me how to do it?
I'm already using an OF with all proper kits, (prem spanish etc) but if the championship one comes out is it possible to add the teams to my OF rather replace it? I've spent fair bit of time updating player stats for many a player ( Adebayor shot acc 78 while anelka has 86???? I don;t think so!) and don't really want to lose that or have to do it all again......
anyone know if this is poss? cheers


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hey im completely new to everything about this so ima just be straight out and say it.
can somebody do for me the Man United AIG and Nike symbols so i can put it on my master league?
ive tried to download photoshop but its not working.


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I'm pinning this for the time being, because there seems to be quite a few threads cropping up about kit requests, exactly what this thread was intended for.

I'll pin it for a week and if it's unused, it can die.

Now that this is pinned, I'll be closing (and giving a stern telling off ¬_¬) to those who make kit request threads. :)

Hadj Aissa

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Algeria Kits Home and away

could someone please make the home and away kits for algeria I got a PS3 i would really appreciate it :D


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Top thread... I was wondering if someone had done (or planning to do) any A-League (Australian) or MLS (USA) team kits?