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  • Hi,

    I had started the thread with online cheaters (here). do you mind locking the thread, as we have successfully exposed how people cheat, and all the community's effort shall go into reporting it to KONAMI via email and Jon Murphy via twitter.

    if people are allowed to continue posting, no one will read my final statement. please, this thread has fullfilled its purpose and must be locked. please read my last post on the thread and you will understand.


    hi baddar...I want close all my thread because I'm creating a new option to subtitute my old options and second I have been offended by others masters... so I'm added to mikduffy to do a best option file....
    erase: edu madrid 1 and edu madrid 2.0 thanks
    I have been trying to get a completed ps3 option file onto my pes 2011 but I can't. I have done the usual thing by putting it on usb and then copying to ps3 which is fine but when I go on game none of the kits etuldnt work?hy it shoc have been updated? Do you know what I'm doing wrong, am I using wrong version? I have update pack and version 1.02 so I don't see work? Please help ive been trying to do it all day.
    theres a problem with the website when trying to access it from several other computers over the past 2 weeks i keep getting a error establishing database connection sometimes i cannot access this website at all if you could tell someone who could address and look into this problem
    sorry, but have a question !!! just picked up one of u, you are dragon like me ;) ...posted new link and updated my option file...don't know why, but isn't it normal, that it should be on top of ps3-edit-file-thread-list ? should anyone see, that it came a new from me...sorry, but would be cool to handle it, as i did it to share too...(called "PES 2010 ULTIMATE OF PS3..." in "PES 2010 Completed Files (PS3)" on site 3, not on site 1 !! now, as it moves normally automatically there after update) ...thx in advance !!! ...ONE LOVE !!! LeónDragón
    Dude, you gave me an infraction for insulting a guy who effectively said that all people who post OFs have no life...?
    hi, just a question, why on the forum "complete of ps3" shows "register to view content"? Is there any other new registration i have to do or simply it's only that there's nothing to show by now?
    Nonsense! We all know Welshmen love to get wasted every Wednesday, Friday and occasionally on a Sunday!
    Hi Baddar! ;o)
    Just saw that I got booked. What was it I got booked for? Double posting or copy-pasting from another thread?
    Been a member since 2003 and have never ever been close to getting booked before, so I was just wondering...?
    And just for good measure. How long does this booked status stay in effect? Almost affraid to write anything right now, in case I'll get a red card?!
    Anyways - this message not ment for me to come across as being angry - I'm just curious...

    dude do u know what the latest version is for ps3 UK edited strips etc if so can u pm me with a link if u dont mind

    Hello . Could You Change My Opfile Thread To Brillaint PS3 Pes 2009 Option File Please if you dont mind ?

    btw how did you become moderator??
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