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Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial


PESGaming legend in opposite world
Using Max Drive

1. Download the file.

2. Plug the Max Drive in to the PC.
3. Right click on Option File and send to Max Drive.

4. Plug max drive into USB port on PS2.
5. Load up Max Drive software for PS2.
6. Uncrush the Option File to memory card.

Using Bin/Cue

Instructions on how to convert .max file to bin/cue format.

Credit to Bunford.

ATTENTION: This method will only work if you have a modded/chipped PS2 or using SwapMagic.

1. Download the Bin/Cue files.
2. Burn the Bin/Cue files using softwares like ImgBurn, Alcohol 120% or Nero.
3. If you have a chipped PS2 just pop in the CD, if you use Swap Magic load up using the CD version.
4. When the CD loads it will automatically go into PS2Menu
5. Here press :R1: and a menu will appear on the top right
6. Choose "cdfs" in this menu to open up the contents of the CD
7. Find the NPO file for PES2008 on the CD.
8. Once found, press :triangle: on your controller and the software will automatically copy the option file onto your memory card.

In some instances, it doesn't copy fully and may leave corrupt files on your memory card. This does not damage the memory card in any way. Just make sure it has copied correctly check your memory card via the "browser", i.e. when there's no disc in the PS2 to see if the option file is there. If there is also a corrupt file just delete it. A full option file will usually be between 1.1mb and 1.4mb.

If there is no option file and only corrupted data blocks, delete these and follow the process again until it has copied over correctly.

Using uLaunchELF

First you need uLaunchELF. One new CDRW, One USB <= 1Gb format = FAT.


Step 1: Open Save File by PS2 Save Builder

Step 2: Choose all file on left table, right mouse -> extract. (it appear name of file is "not use" but don't rename, keep it and extract)

Step 3: Make new folder and rename = name of save file (suppose in this case: BESCES-51719GAMEDATA).

Step 4: Move all file you extract before to new folder and copy this folder to USB.

Step 5: Burn uLaunchELF into your CD. Burn image file before you unrar.

Step 6: Open disk by Ps2. In menu, press :circle: and go to mass:/ (USB), choose save game and press :R1: -> Copy. Press :triangle:.

Step 7: Choose MC (slot 1 is mc0:/, slot 2 is mc1:/), Press R1 -> mcPaste. Done.

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Cheers for the cred and good tutorial. Shouldn't be any more questions about this now!

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Additionaly, if you do not have a max drive, it is possible to convert .max files to bin/cue files by following this method:

Not too difficult but may need some common sense. Once the bin/cue files are created just follow the tutorial above.

Credit to oRISHI12 for the link!


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where might one actually purchase a Max Drive? They don't seem to be in stock anywhere. play & Amazon are out of them, shopto, game and gamestation don't seem to know what one is Ebay seems to have preowned ones and bogus burgled option Files but it's for a present for someone so it should be new.... Help!

rahul advani

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rahul advani

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ok need help downloaded the bin cue files cant burn it with nero.btw do u burn only the bin file cuz nero doesnt support that or the cue file only and i did manage to burn a image using magic iso but the ps2 doesnt read it so how do i go about this thing

one more thing the comp doent open any bin cue file rite?

rahul advani

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u burn it on a cd rw rite or dvd....cuz the cue file doesnt burn on a dvd even a burn image 2 disc.secondly when i put my cue file on a cr rw and put it in the ops2 i get a blank screen plz help thanks


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Ermm, it won't work if you burn the file on CD-RW you need to burn it on CD-R.


PESGaming legend in opposite world
But you need to have Codebreaker, Action Replay Max, Gameshark or Exploder.
Any one of them will work.

If you don't have any of them, you can use the bin/cue method.
Hope this will help you.