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[TUTORIAL] Transferring an Option File by USB! [takes about 25 minutes]


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Hey everybody,

F*ck men, what's with those problems, this sucks, Anybody got a solution allready or even got v1.1 working? I will be uploading tommorow a newer version. I will use a different method for exporting the files, maybe that'll work.

I'm done editing now, :)

I made the kits (Home/Away/Keeper) of:

South africa
North Korea
Zwitserland (Sweiz)
Belgium (allready in V1)
Wales (allready in V1)
Bosnia and Herzegovina

I will release the update problably tommorow!:cool:


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im having trouble downloading Slashers Xplorer thing
i downloaded it but it doesn't say inject or file or anything its just a blank white box


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thanks for great tutorial - I download patch stuff, uploaded it to my pendrive and it works.

but I have a question about this sentence:
"NOTE: Shirt sponsors wont show up yet for some reason. But they will in a moment..."

I don't have a HDD in my x360. i use only pendrive.
when game starts on screen I see loading: option file, edit file, PES2010_Unifrom1 and PES2010_Unifrom2 - thats it. I'm pretty sure that in my pendrive is 200 PES2010 Uniform files.

how can I do this now to have sponsors on shirts ? everything is fine but not this one detail...

thanks and cheers.


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I get this message and nothing work
load failed because data is from a different version. download content and update data

what shall i do??


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wiining eleven

hey guys i have a question ..will the pes 2010 option files work for winning eleven 2010? coz winning eleven is the only game i get in my region ...thanx :D


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Question about ntsc updates

Actually since the OF are mostly made on patched versions (title updates, not content update) you will most likely get this error trying to load the 5mb edit file:

Unable to load because data is from different version. Download content and update data.

Since I have no access to xbox live to update my game I have to find a work around to make it work. I tried to download the title update (2mb, but no luck because I think Daymos OF is based on TU 3 which was not released nor I couldn't find for the NTSC version. So far I managed to get the 2 content updates by changing paths (My version is NTSC so my content folder is "4B4E0805" and my version gets listed as "PES 2010" instead of "Pro Evolution soccer", like it happens with the PAL version (4B4E0801).

Kits will work fine though.

Where do i get the ntsc TU for pes 2010?


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I got the same message and it also said to go to if I remember correctly to authenticate the license of the option file to my gamertag. Has anybody resolve this issue? I just tried this last night.

By the way I was doing this on PES2009 with D&B Elite Option File v3.


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This is not hard at all! everybody saying they cannot do this check what casper says on page 5 of this thread easy as pie......remember u have to put ur pen drive in the xbox first.......i didnt understand at first but it is so easy after u read what casper says properly

btw i think the pen drive has to be ovrr 1gig of memory so maybe thats why sum people are having problems


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Hi guys. I don't know if you already know how to work it yet, but I know the update is new on the xbox and anxiety is high to transfer files from your pc to the xbox using USB. Well I know how to do it! Here is how:

before doing the below make sure you have formated your USB to Xbox 360 on the console and copied over all your PES games save file. I'd copy it and not move it as you may lose the saves totally if you do it wrong!

1] Download Slashr's USB Xplorer from here

2] Extract it from the zip file to your desktop.

3] Download the option file of your choosing from, I have tested both D&C Pro 10 Elite Tapas FULL ENGLISH and JON'S Option File and both worked with this method.

4]Extract the folder to your desktop.

5] Open up USB Xplorer, you should get the below screen:

6]Press file and Open Device, you should get something come up in the white box that says "0. {dir}content". Double click this and then you should see a folder called something like {dir}E00007FB5AB1185FF. yours wont be exactly the same but it will be similar.

7] Double click that folder and then you should see another folder called something like {dir}4b4e0801. It is possible you will have more than one folder so try one if the data i mention below is not there it should be in the other.

8]Once double clicking on that folder you will have a folder called {dir}00000001. Double click again.

9] This should then display all of your current PES files. It should look alike below:

10] Delete your current PES2010_EDIT.bin file and any files named something like PES2010_UNIFORM001.bin.

11] Open up the folder of the option file you downloaded from, you should bin files called PES2010_EDIT.bin and PES2010_UNIFORM001.bin upto something like PES2010_UNIFORM200.bin. This is the boring bit. Copy each .bin over by pressing Inject on the USB Xplorer and opening the file. You have to do it single file by single file, which took me about 10 minutes to do.

12]Once you have done that in USB Xplorer your USB's data should have a long list of all the files you injected into the USB. At this point what I did was copy the folder i downloaded from PESGaming to another location to back it up. Then I deleted every file in the original folder to make sure they were not in use, this confirms they have been transferred to the USB.

13] Remove your USB close USB Xplorer, then insert the USB again and re open the Xplorer. Follow steps 5 to 9 again and check the files you injected still show up, just to confirm they are all on the USB.

14] Remove the USB and insert into your Xbox 360. Boot up PES2010 and when it gets to the screen you choose your memory, choose the USB. go to exhibition and check all the logos are there. NOTE: Shirt sponsors wont show up yet for some reason. But they will in a moment...

15]If it looks okay go back to the dashboard of your xbox and navigate to memory. copy over the PES2010 game file from your USB to the Xbox 360's hard drive. Then boot PES2010 again. Your shirts should now all have sponsors on and look like the real shirts your favourite teams play in!

I hope this helps, Any questions don't hesitate to ask!​

im trying to download the usb xplorer but im having trouble,it wont open and the download links wont work,please help me im new to this


EDIT: Ok so I've downloaded slasher and a PES 11 OF for Xbox and i followed Caspers tutorial and clicked "open device" the Xplorer slasher but nothing comes up, any ideas? Thanks.


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im trying to download the usb xplorer but im having trouble,it wont open and the download links wont work,please help me im new to this


EDIT: Ok so I've downloaded slasher and a PES 11 OF for Xbox and i followed Caspers tutorial and clicked "open device" the Xplorer slasher but nothing comes up, any ideas? Thanks.

same is happening to me.


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I make like that and it moves it from xbox hard drive to pendrive, how to make it copy not move ? should i let it move and then do the rest on pc? please help


This was asked on page 6 but with no response, so at least I've searched through the thread!

Basically my USB stick is too small in size (only 128mb!) and my only other outlet at this point in time is an iPod (30GB) so I was wondering whether this will work. I'm leaning towards no since it needs formatting beforehand on the Xbox 360, and I'm not sure what it might involve but if anyone else has used their iPod for this I'd be happy to hear some feedback. Thanks.


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Hey everyone.

I'm new to this! I downloaded Jon's 2010 option file and did everything that has been said and when I load the option file the game takes an age to load and only comes up with 'Loading Stadium Data' and that's it!

Nothing changed, I'm confused.

I am extracted the files from the memory card to the folder I want to inject, deleting it so it's empty and then injecting the new folder named '00000001' in the correct place with all the files.

Also, when I go to load the previous years file, the game cancels it!


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Problem loading the programme

It says in the tutorial to extract the usb xtaf to the desktop which i've managed to do but everytime i double click on the xbox logo to open Xtaf Gui up it comes up saying Usb Xtaf Gui has encountered a problem and needs to close. I am using windows xp. What am i doing wrong?