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What Do You Most Like In GTA IV?


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i havent see any thread for the favourite thing in GTA IV and i decided to start one. Lets hear your favourite moments/actions/places etc...


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This section could get out of hand.

I dunno though. Storyline is awesome. Only been online once but hey.


The story is great, the overall detail of the game is awesome aswell. They've done a great job on everything. Online is sweet also ;)


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both great, story is so varied and wide, loads of scope for different kinds of fun

online, is absoluelty great, try a cannonball run, start off on foot then find any vehicle you can to get to the checkpoints whilst shooting / being shot at!!

only pity about online is no split screen action so i can't actually be in same house as friends!! wierd


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Online if you are with mates is just total anarchy. It's incredible.

Story is amazing but most of the online modes are not too good.. They get a bit repititive after playing a while. The only online mode worth playing again is Free Mode.

I love taking a helicopter from the airport with a couple of friends and then jumping out of it to land on the tallest building in the city. Then, after sniping the cops on the street, we all jump off and try to land on top of a car.


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the city as a whole. amazing. i dont see why they dont just make GTAV and GTAVI just using this model but a whole new story maybe from an english or italian characters point of view.

i dont have the game anymore but i will get it again for the DLC. i just hope it's as good a story line as the full game


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No, not another GTA in Liberty City.

Well either that or wait another two or more years for the next one.

I think the city was truly brilliant, apart from the fact that the A.I. always had fender bender on bridges. i would pay £40 for a new complete story line set in liberty city