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Why does the defence always approch the halfway line??? How to prevent this FLAW


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great post mate and you are right i should edit the article title as this has caused some unnecessary debate ( i apologise for the confusion) whereas the real issue is the effective long through ball tactic and ways to combat this


thanks for tips myfriend


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The problem is not with the defense, the main problem is that the through pass is unrealistically way to effective in the game eventhough you are controlling a xavi.

What konami should do is not wait for 2014 but fix this problem by making the triangle through pass less effective the greater the distance from the striker through the next patch.

OR we can all play decide to play at pass assistance 1, so that there would be no one to play with on pass assistance 2,3,4 etc. As you all know finding opponent on pass assistance on 1 is hard. Let those Messi Ronaldo pass abusers play by themselves. Problem solved.

Plus pass assistance 1 or 0 makes a more realistic game of football and actually requires some thinking! Let's all play on 0 or 1!

Really nice idea but it will never happen

What would of been smarter is for the game not too bother having said pass assoistance at levels 4 & 5 or at least take them out for the long passing and also not programmed defenders to simply stand and stare whenever a good though pass had been initiated as it is now the game is a farce and nothing like real like.. watch real matches and you will see.. this critical aspect of foottball is actually way way bettter in 2012 version


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Sorry but I don't see how defenders approaching the half way line when their team is attacking is a flaw. This is what defenders do. When you play as a defender in real life, when the play moves forward, the team moves forward. If you don't, as an individual, you risk stretching the game & you'll soon hear about it from your coach. Plus if the attacking play breaks down you are closer to the action & can hopefully help your team regain control before your opponents get into your half.

I repeat, this is what happens in real life. If your opponent is likely to be a threat with long balls & quick counters then you adjust your tactics & positioning accordingly, which as already discussed, is what you need to do in PES. The game has flaws yes, all games do, but this isn't one of them

Well said, except that in real life (since you mentioned it) you do not play against Messi/Ronaldo/Etoo every single match.