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[XBOX 360] OF2014 by Tibinator v1.5 (weekly updates)


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copy again

:erm: already tried 3 USB sticks and the same problem persists. Followed the instructions on page 1

Can anyone confirm that this patch DEFINITELY works without the Konami Data Packs installed???? I'm wasting my time otherwise.

To re-iterate; there are NO sponsors on kits and the sponsors cannot be found in the edit mode, it just shows folder icons with a little x in the bottom corner. So I cannot even manually add the sponsors to the kits as they simply don't exist/ cannot be located in this OF.
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hey [MENTION=122654]Tibinator[/MENTION]
I downloaded DLC 2 for my xbox
however all of your kits is correct but I lose transfer player for bundesliga
I copyed your (edit data.bin) again but each time ( only each time copy edit data.bin ) the game get backup (0-100%)(in start of game) and transfers become same with DLC ! but kits is ok ...
is any way exist to apply your transfer data?
I have all of your emblem, league emblem, kits ... and all of them applied.
the only problem with DLC 2 is bundesliga players


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tibinator ,please you export team league mx for me ? ;) insert you team for my fo please please


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Can anyone confirm that this patch DEFINITELY works without the Konami Data Packs installed???? I'm wasting my time otherwise.

I can confirm this OF works fine without any data pack, because i havent download any dlc since i dont have xbox live account active.

I worked by injected at most 100 files at a times to horizon, copy it to xbox hdd and repeat the process all over again.

u cant simply injected all 575 at once in horizon, only a earlier couple hundred files will be detected in xbox hdd.

my xbox is the first generation world cup edition in 2006, with LT3.0 mod. I only have 15 gb hdd, but works fine.


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Hi, Tibinator

i've downloaded the 1.7 version (Protect Fuzion), there are only 256 files in it. Is it a complete version or a fix? Do i have to download the previous full version (like 1.6) and overwrite the same file with 1.7? The former versions contains more than 500 files.


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Its a good OF but some natinal teams are not in english like United States are called Estados Unidos and Morroco are Marruecos can you change them to english please as then it would be a 5 out of 5 and not a 4.


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Is there any chance to change:

WE United => Auckland City
PES United => Raja Casablanca

So, if this is done we will have all FIFA Club World Cup Morroco teams in PES2014!