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[Xbox360] REALSUPERPATCH from the FTOTTI editor


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dude you need to open dt04 with afs explorer then unzlib it with the same program next you need to save it on your desktop as a .bin file once you do that open the unnamed_32 with any hex editor program i have a tutorial for renaming balls but it's in spanish but you can see it and just follow instructions on screen you can change boots names doing the same process i recomend to watch it on youtube at 720 hd and expand the video for better view

here's the video

nop dude you run out of luck, sorry!!!

thank you luigi, now i can try to edit the team names... seems to be kind of hard thou


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how many files are at all when i have to overight with ggs?
near some files is write
" ___padding_file_1_if you see this file please update update to Bitcome 0.85 or above___"

i just don't must care about them? right?
then there are about 10 files...


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Hallo wie installieren ich diesen Patch?
Hello like install I this patch?
Ciao come si installata questa patch?


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has anyone played the master league mode???

im playing the master league mode, i choose real madrid as my team.. but when im in the middle of the season, i tried to look the standings of the other league, and then when i look in the premier league, i saw that arsenal has 0 goals for.. they cant score in the league matches, but in cup matches they can.. weird ey? :p but its not a big deal, still.. its a great patch.. thanks to miataboy, and also to luigi for his dt07 file.. works well too! appreciated it guys