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Yes or No to DLC?!


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Its been asked lots of times, regarding what options to press when updating the DLC. Its not as complicated as you may think.
The first question is would you like to apply new lineup data?

Yes= apply it but you will lose any transfers you have done.

No=Dont apply i want my transfers kept.but apply new boots and kits
The second question is, would you like to overwrite edit data?

Yes=please save over my edit data ( you wont lose anything here, its like as you would if you did any edit changes and came out from the menu...) Its just saving the changes

no=cant see why you wouldnt save tbh suppose you could test what they have done and if your unhappy you could reload this.

As the dlc states if you dont apply lineup changes then decide you would like them at a later date, you just got to transfers and default the lot!



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if you choose to edit data you lose any edits you have done to players/teams, i.e appearance, home stadiums, chants, etc.

also you lose your stadiums, so its best to export any you have made just in case, but you should be able to just import the saved stadiums back in after the data file is installed.

all other edits like kits and badges are unaffected, this is my experience anyway.


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Assuming, i can download dlc to play online with proper squad ( if u make transfers they wouldnt be online yes ? ). Then wen u and Daymon will release new option file i can just apply it the same way like v 1.0 right ?


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ive been told that any created stuff in the extra league slots wont be deleted. but im not 100% sure