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  • They were fun to watch. You'd run up to them with an Uzi, and they'd just talk to you asking questions before they drew weapons. Good times.
    I love Out to Lunch, it's quite an odd album but that is part of its attraction.
    Yeah St.Etienne are really a shadow of their formerselves they had a future star in Gomis but he went to Lyon. But St Stienne now have Sanogo their problem is they have a very excellent attack but a piss poor midfield
    Bordeux are still the team to beat if Marsielle beats them in the 4th week it will change everyone's perception of who is the top team. Other than that theres at least 5-6 teams that could take 2nd place. There is no middle ground in Ligue 1 either your at the top or at the bottom.
    If the team stay healthy then we should win. he thing is Bordeux simply does not lose as of today 13 straight wins they certainly have not lost a step in the off season.
    Aye, they cut Henk Timmer off (good idea I thought) and now Darley was the supposed nr 1, did pretty well in the first match but he got injured so Rob van Dijk is on goal now, he's on the fat side of thin like Timmer but he's pushing 80, or so it looks when you watch him! Darley looks a good prospect, if they show patience with him he could develop into a good keeper. Mario Been is a good trainer, particularly for a culture like Feyenoord has - working class, no prima donna's etc. Already took some shots at Makaay for not doing enough on the pitch! I think top 5 is what Feyenoord aims for, I consider PSV, AZ, Ajax and Twente better but Heerenveen and Groningen started off pretty weak.

    Didn't venture into Helsingborg, we did so in Malmo mainly because it was so close to Copenhagen. It's north of Malmo, I know that much; reasonably close to Malmo I thought.

    My deep love for Ajax aside, Feyenoord has always had my admiration as a club unlike PSV.
    Haha, they are absolutely strapped, I think they financed Fernandez and Cissé with external financers. They have a rich set of fans, that is for sure.

    I recall him being linked with Heerenveen, in no small part part because of his brother but there's vague calls concerning Ajax too. I'd be surprised, I doubt we want to spend more money plus we already have a surplus of midfielders.

    PSV had a look at him too, but again, if they sign him I'd be really surprised. I regrettably have to inform you that I haven't heard The Ecstatic fully yet, but the tracks I heard are pretty good. History in particular.

    PS: I thought Amsterdam had pretty women roaming the streets, until I visited Malmo. It's like that picture but even prettier and without the shirtless dudes!
    Well when you think of it like that then I hope he can come back scores the goals and get the medal and trophy. If its not too much trouble, let me know whats going on with the situation, please.

    And Ill get on the website to price the HIF shirts, thanks for that.
    It's quite a story, it is a very pretty country and the women there are unlike any other country I've seen prior to it, but the weather was really crap so 'we' (as in 'not me') decided to pack up ater 4 or 5 days and head to Southern fucking France. This was after we decided that "Stockholm is too fucking far away, man" :faceplm:

    I'm definitely going back there one day. France is full of Dutch people and if there is one thing I hate to see on vacation, it's my fellow countrymen. Not to say that is was crap in France, but that was purely because of the weather and my friends.
    I havent heard anything about Ghod in a while now. Kneecap? Jesus thats not good, especially at his age. I hope he doesnt retire but what ever the man does, Ill be happy aslong as he's happy.

    I forgot to ask, do you know of anywhere that I could buy a Helsingborg jersey, thats not too expensive?
    Cheers. Im actually on the verge of getting the hard copy because it truly is a classic. Nas isnt getting any younger and now that he has a son, we may be seeing the last of him for a while.
    Best album this year? Tricky question. I was a big fan of Relapse (written a 1,500 word review on it elsewhere), another contender for me has to be Sickology 101 from Tech N9ne. I wasn't expecting it to be decent, so I was pleasantly surprised. I'm yet to hear The Ecstatic but I'll get it in the next few days I think and give it a listen.
    Yeah, same man, I read about a month ago that Snoop pushed him into getting his voice fixed and that, not sure where I read it, maybe Wiki. Would be quality if he can get it sorted mind. No One Can Do It Better 2?

    Cheers, that's always a useful line to get in a good light with the locals :D

    No specific locations, I pointed out that I'd love to visit Stockholm but there's was some doubt among the other members of our road-trip group about it being a little far but we're going for 3 weeks so I'll probably be able to convince them.

    Otherwise I'll just dump 'em and hitch a ride there! :D They picked Sweden as this year's location, not entirely sure why but I suspect the worldwide reputation of the ladies there might have had something to do with it!
    Hard to go wrong with Evans and Kelly but I'd have liked to see how that worked out.

    Am I correct in assuming you are of Swedish ancestry/heritage? If so, would you happen to know some great lines in Swedish that I could use when I'm on vacation there?
    With the £300 Ill be getting back from the Michael Jackson concert in September, I was thinking of making the trip to see him play and/or use the money to go see Ireland at the WC next year, should we qualify.

    And Henrik is my all time favourite player also :cool:
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