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[ALL] PES5 Watson V4.0 Option File: Season 2006/2007 Update


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Brilliant work Watson and team. I am so happy to see that you decided to include all the Championsleague Teams - this way it is possible to reconstruct all the present tournaments.
Even the smaller teams such as my team, Copenhagen are spot on. However I have some small corrections / ideas for the Copenhagen team, if you by chance do an update:

Hutchinson: position defensive midfielder as main area, center midfield or attacking as other possibilities. He has never played defence.

Nørregaard and Hangeland: Both have buzzcuts now, but since the hairdos of football players change everyother day, this is mayby not so important :)

The awaykit: Since there are no other Danish teams, mayby it would be more correct to have the international kit that they use in CL and other international games.
Here is a link:
I would change it myself, but I don't have a windows system (mac OSX) and thus cannot use some of the editing tools needed to alter the unchangable kits like Villa Real.

And the fans colors should be so that the flags in the crowd are on a white background instead of blue.

These are just MINOR things, and cannot deduct from the fact that this is like getting a new game - thank you so much!


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hey waston thats really a great work :) can i use this option file on making some teams for me & put it on anthor site can i ?
oh i want from u a little thing send me the three stars logo :) thanx alot


First It Giveth
davidmann said:
top file. But the bounding box for Man utd AIG sponsors logo is missing!

It can't be done mate. Well it can, but that would mean using up all of the logo spaces, leaving no room for the nike tick.


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This is the final release I'm afraid :)

bananskud- There's a thread on pesfan specifically for mistakes in the file or improvements where you can post them for people to correct themselves :)

samfox07- What is the Three Stars logo?


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Watson - I just might do that. Still this is an amazing piece of work. As I said this is like getting a new game.
Thank you again.


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Hi there guys, nice work on your OF Watson ...

By the way i have not been playing much lately, and i have a really silly question to ask you guys, hope you can help me out.

I used this option file for my PES5 on my PC, i currently also have a WE10 Fernando V5 game, is there an option file for this game as well.

I have been searching high and low for one however i cant seem to find one... is there a WATSON option file for WE10 as well ..

thanks in advance guys


Dabeeds said:
just get a copy of pes5 or we9 its better anyway, and has the best files too.
No. WE10 is a far superior game.
What you're saying is keep playing PES5 after PES6 is released.


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I've never played WE10 but in general, people will not stick with PES5, once PES6 is out, people will be playing that and making files for that :)


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Well done watson brilliant option file good to see you use the licensed kits or did people pursade you?


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I thought pes6 is goin to be diffrent than we10 . Even if changes are slight , could make a big diffrence ( game speed a little slower more realistic ,better goalies mabye they could catch a ball or not knock it right in front of goal, and hopefully you wont be able to dribble with beckham through like 4 guys ??


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Mabye its just a personal prefrence, but i would rather play a game with better defence, less chances on goal, just seems more realistic. Was playin we10 with my buddy (a bunch of times) and we both are goin up and down the pitch gettin too many chances.( and we were both pretty good defenders, goin back to we6). Seems more like we8 to us ,Like some additions though, like quick f.k. , better curl, new anamations)


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great Of mate, i love the new crest on MUFC hoem kit..pity the away cant be done black surround but that aint your fault..

great work though!


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great job watson !!

just a noob question for ya..

i've dloaded ur option file, but when i copied the file, something went wrong..

all the players' kit in overlapped my their old west brom is still there, but there's watford sponsors and logo on the kit as well...same goes for man utds', it's doubled somehow..

could u tell me then what went wrong, cause i followed ur instuctions to the letter...

thanks again mate