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[ALL] PES5 Watson V4.0 Option File: Season 2006/2007 Update


Cat O' War!!
hey watson I added unicef logo to barca's kit in your file, ppl at pesfan say I cant post it cause premiership rights and stuff what can we do man?


Registered User
I've no idea, the only way is through putting it on a website really and having it as homepage, although putting your homepage as a thread on here containing it could work :)


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bin/cue for ps2 - PLEASE!!!

Can someone PLEASE make a bin/cue for this option file. This option file sounds amazing, but I need the bin/cue.

Please anyone, can you help us bin/cue people out.....

joel the goal

New Member
Great work!

Great option file Watson - this is the second file of yours I have used and they never disappoint. The Pro Evo world is a much better place for people like you - it's much appreciated (as if you need to be told!).

The only small criticism I have is that sometimes I think you're tinkering a bit too much with it. The main example is Louis Saha - his face is one of the most accurate on the game, and all that needs changing is his hairstyle. Yet you changed it to a pretty generic black face and it looks nothing like him! You just need to watch that, but otherwise, fantastic stuff.



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Hey Watson, this looks great, if the 360 version has no edit mode I will still get it but I'm keeping PES 5 just for your update, though you mentioned you replaced PES United and WE United, if I wanted to create my own teams there and changed the player names etc... could you tell me if any of them need changing from International teams. :)

Great Work


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you dont. or u can transfer from ps2 to psp via the link but the kits remain the same, just with the logos on instead. also teams like ac milan die as they have the liscenced kit with the new sponser written on top of the old one.


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so theirs no way around this then? i have saved it onto my psp but the kits are messed up.

their must be a way to extract the umd to a iso (like i did) and apply a patch to it the same way has the ps2


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after just getting my max drive i gave the file a good search and it's a great file, i would say the main features of the file is the quality of the badges and the amount of created players i would give it 9 out of 10 i appreciate your effort.


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Nice file, however I uploaded it on psp (dun have stuff for ps2), and loaded Arsenal and the Fly Emirates was just on top of 02 which was still there? Any way to fix this or a link to the file without this bug?