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Data Pack 1 Released


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I think he's just a Konami mouthpiece, to be fair. So Konami gives him shit info, he passes it on to us, and then gets abuse when it's incorrect. I could be wrong though, but that's how I see it.

You may be right. However as an ex salesman myself Bhatti reminds me exactly of the type of person I unfortunately would have to work with and which would give us all a bad name.
Number 1 rule was don't lie or make clear if you are not certain. For obvious boy cries wolf syndrome. Also to protect his own name as a salesman.

Irony is I left FIFA because of all the false promises and poor customer service.


just what are they smoking over there?

photo credit: rebelinho


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Konami taking the PES again. They always seem to come up with something so ridiculous that noone would ever even have thought it possible. What a complete and utter joke of a company.


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One thing that i can't understand:
The "online database" is very carefully updated every weeks. Departures, arrivals, youngsters etc.
Of course it doesn't add squads, faces, teams...

And then... Well, yeah, you have the famous "Datapack" with roster up to 3 months ago. Play the past, Love the future

I really don't understand why, we can't talk about lazyness (because they really takes care about their online database) their is one big problem but we don't know what, regarding to the core of their "offline" database.


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Just the one? I think we should just give up trying to understand Konami's many baffling decisions, life would be much simpler. ;)

One big thing, but only about database of course

Live update editor are up-to-date, adding plenty of youngsters even in 2nd division teams: i've check it every week on Pesmaster. It's paradoxal.

I think the core database is broken (i talk about mecanism to implement players/teams) for PES 2016, perhaps a corruption with Myclub or whatever... I don't believe it a matter of "decisions"

Even if PES 2015 having somes issues in that regard, last year wasn't that catastrophic about database. I don't think it a question of choice.
The data system is for me a bit "corrupted" like the core engine of Drive Club first release.


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I'm just pleased that I've recently discovered PES2013, playing that has definitely softened the blow. Feel sorry for you guys that were looking forward to the update. Konami have messed up big this time.

On a side note is anyone else having problems getting on evo-web? I've been trying from last night but it says the server has stopped responding. Must be all the posts about the update.


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I have a problem: I didn't want to apply the roster update at first and didn't tick the national Team and Club update option. Do you know how I can do this now? Thx