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Face scans in pes 2008: the funny edition


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I love the new PES. And i really like the new feature where you can scan faces on players. Although these modificated playerfaces look like they're from PES 4 its still a cool idea.

I thought, the possibilities are endless. So how about NOT making real players. Lets see if I can make something funny.

This resulted in The Incredible Hulk as a football player.

I made him as tall, heavy, wide and muscular as possible. 2,05 meter and 127 Kilogram. I tried him out in a match, and he's f****n strong!! :)

Please let me know what you think about it.

I encourage everyone to make something like this and put it in this topic. Lets see how creative and artistic we can be.


that is bloody brilliant mate i dont have the stuff to do this so please post some more mad shit like this. :)



That's fucking brilliant!!!

I've made a team of Marvel characters using Top Trump cards, so I think I might make a team on PES.


someone should take a picture of their cock and use it as a face? no?

kidding... but one of my pals has made King Kong and a few other weird characters...Wolverine aswell!

shankly is god

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hey keep up gd work man do some more n place em up on here.

when i get cam im gona put my wifes tits on there lol see what it looks like


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Thanks all for the reactions.
Currently I'm experimenting with a few characters, it takes some time to find a suitable picture, and the face modification on PES is fairly limited.
Anyway, I will be away till friday. I'll see if I can post something finished then.

Till then, I hope this topic will still get read and inspires people to make something like this and post it here.



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lmao that cheerd me up, i had my best mate round and we spent a couple of hours trying to scan our faces and make them look real, the results were pretty good from the front view, but as soon as you go to a side view the faces just look fucked up.
Thats why this is great, you can make an odd job superstar team, the hulk will be great as a defender/goalkeeper, my character suggetion will be : Golum from the lord of the rings, i just think he would look hilarious beside the hulk, a huge green beast and one skinny dangly gray guy lmao

i think im gunna have a go at that myself lol


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Captain tsubasa

How i you did it.
I wil make captain Tsubasa Player, best football player in cartoon/anime.