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Football Manager 2014 [PC]


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Buy Football Manager 2014

football manager 2014 news

Packed with over 1000 updates, Football Manager 2014 is now available to buy and if you get it before the release date you also get 2 weeks early access to the BETA/Demo version, which will roll straight in to the real game when its released.

We have searched across the web to find the best deal for you, by far the best price is at Amazon, you can buy it here.

buy football manager 2014
New Features

There is an astronomical 1000+ new features for the new game, so far SI have told us that there will be:

An improved 3D Match Engine
A tactical overhaul
More realistic transfers and contracts
More sophisticated board interaction
More complex interaction between staff, players and rival managers
A revamped news system
An enhanced user interface
Evolution for Classic mode
Additional community features
Extensive tech improvements

'Out before Xmas'

Lörd TH

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I'll wait for the inevitable £15 deal nearer Christmas, or may not get it at all. Doesn't seem to be too different from FM13.


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Does anyone know how far down the new Scottish football 'pyramid' the game goes this year?

For ages the team at the bottom of Division 3 (now League 2) has been safe, but there's the new Lowland League running alongside the Highland League this year. The winners of each play off against each other and then the winners of that play off against the team at the bottom of League 2. So if the game goes that low, or lower, it could make for a good long career in Scotland.


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The only FM I'll be getting this year is the Vita 'Classic' one.

Is it similar to the build they put out on Android? I've been rinsing that over the past couple of months, it's finally overtaken my display as the top battery user lolz


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It's meant to be far better/deeper than the android version. Has the 3D game engine too.

You can continue games you play on PC (on FMC), on your vita, so I'm hopeful it'll be a decent game.


I'm gonna wait until steam are practically giving this away before I get it, the last instalment was more a case of same shit different day. On top of that then the tactics seemed pointless in actual effect to match results. If ever a game was in need of a complete overhaul and revamp it's this one.

The same pre and after match questions for the last 3 years is lame and just taking the fucking piss.


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2013, but I'll put it here.

I tried a little experiment yesterday to see how my FIFA UT would do as a team on FM.

As I use the Genoa home and away kits, they were my team of choice.

I removed every player already there over the age of 22 and replaced them with;

Buffon; Abate, Chiellini, Barzagli, Criscito; Muller, Gotze, Kroos, Gomez, Schurrle; Cavani

Plus guys like Santon, Ogbonna, Bender, Drogba and Dzeko in reserve.

Would they do well?

The answer was no. Shockingly bad in fact.

I managed 1 league win in 7. It was strange. Whatever I tried didn't seem to work. Players were getting around the 7 rating each game, yet they weren't 7's in front of my eyes.

So it begs the question...

Is it the team rep/ability that matters most, as opposed to the players? I kinda figured if I'd done this with say, Juve, I'd have been getting the results.


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What was your manager's reputation? It's hard to get your team to want to play for you in the 1st season if you're down as only having played semi-professional in your history.

Was the morale poor/very poor? I suppose your point is a fair one, I doubt the likes of Buffon and Gotze would've been chuffed about a move to Genoa! :tongue:


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Automatic rep.

Morale overall was good though as I boosted the finances and kept them all on the wages they were getting elsewhere.

I just found it puzzling how my team of stars were playing shit, yet getting 7+ ratings anyway.

I just wanted some kind of confirmation that just because Genoa have a low reputation, it doesn't mean they can't challenge for the title/further up the league.


It is happening again
I'm still playing FM08. :YES:

When I bought it (in 2008), I started a season with Portsmouth, and got to the beginning of season 2018/19 and had pretty much won everything I could win. Then my PC got a virus and I lost all my installed programmes (though I managed to keep my saved data). I tried installing it again but for some reason I couldn't get it to work.
Then I had a week off work earlier this year and was a bit bored so I decided to try to get it to work. After some trouble I managed to find a patch for the game and install it. I managed to load up my old save game. Instead of continuing on from there, I decided to resign from my Portsmouth (and England) jobs and went on holiday.
I then skipped forward for about 5 years or so, to see how players developed etc, then I took over Man City, who were incredibly low on confidence and in a bit of a relegation fight. Managed to save them from relegation, then managed a mid table finish next season. I'm now in season 2029/30 (as you can imagine, there are no real life players left in the game now) and I'm currently on course to win my first league title as City manager, ahead of my old club Portsmouth (I'm also back as England manager :lol:).
I do have a problem with this game in that I just buy too many players, particularly youngsters. My reserve team is fucking massive. I've loaned half the players out and I still have enough players to easily fill a match squad.


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Downloaded it off Steam on boxing day as it was half price. Started a game with FC Porto and have just finished my first season.

Won the league and was runner up in the League Cup and the Europa League (lost to Benfica). Haven't been a Portuguese club since I managed Belenenses in FM 2008 and I wanted to try and pick obscure players from South America and make them stars and sell them on after a few seasons just like Porto do in real life.

Only did one real signing in my 1st season and that was Muriel from Udinese so it meant I had a starting Colombian tripod of Quinerto, Martinez and Muriel and it worked well.

I'm now the summer so it will be time to sell and buy and also to really look into my staff, training and scouting regimes. I don't tend to do too much of this in the first season as I like to keep it simple and just focus on my squad rather than the overall running of the club.

Lörd TH

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Currently doing a career with Everton, somehow I won the league in the first season. At the moment I'm top of the league in the second season, level on points with Chelsea. The first season was a very odd one, Liverpool/Chelsea spent about 5 games in the relegation zone and City were mid table half of the season.

Made some good signings in both season, 2013/14 season I got Keisuke Honda for £375k, Lewis Holtby for £6.75m, Mohammed Sissoko for free and Ibrahim Afellay on loan. In the current season I've signed Barry, Afellay (both permanently), Stevan Jovetic for £8.5m, Javia Garcia for £3.9m and Gervinho for £3.8m.

I'd say regardless of what team you're managing you must have Ross Barkley in your squad, he is insanely good!



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I got Keisuke Honda for £375k

That's a great signing! Is it not set that he's going to Milan then? I thought that would happen automatically in the game.

I just did a search to try and answer my own question about the Scottish Highland and Lowland leagues - they are in the game apparently but unplayable, so the rumours I'd heard about old school friends being in the game are true!

I found this article whilst searching, quite interesting. (STV is Central Scotland's equivalent of Granada, Meridian, Tyne Tees etc by the way)


That's a great signing! Is it not set that he's going to Milan then? I thought that would happen automatically in the game.

There has been no database update since the game was released and Honda's move was only unofficially communicated from around October 27th.


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Ah right that makes sense then, thanks. I was worried Milan weren't getting him for a minute there


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Signed Benteke for my Porto team for £10m. Villa got relegated and I needed another CF so worked out quite well.