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G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

glen the magpie

Registered User
@ Glen

are we still having Players like before, with Dale Jennigs of Tranmere etc?

Cos I made Jennings face, and its pretty good, also made Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain?

so that list I sent you did you add any of them? just wondered with you saying should you replace Classics with copa libertadores players?
(If you could filter out the players with prefix faces only add them over)

I wouldn't mind two sections for myself to add creations too, if you could let me know thanks........

MM :)

yeah i added quite alot from the list you sent me mate. what ill do is ill sort the other classics out and send it to you leaving teams for you to overwrite, but ofcourse the young players etc is your department so add who you see fit where you see fit mate its your call :) also the players i added off those list you may wanna have a look at their stats aswell. ill get started straight away an message you when im done.

thanks ill take a look but im not overwriting any prem league stadiums i might do it over valencias......might.

sup glen the new liverpool kit will be shown tommorrow but Im pretty confident that this will be the kit
so please if you can put this in thanks

already requested but thanks mate ;)


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when I try to overwrite the edit data to add urs n replace mine it tells me that this will affect my trophies etc n if I delete my edit data n add urs i lose all my game data this didnt happen b4 if ANYONE has any solutions plz help

k so did u end up finding a solution cause i think i have the same problem
i installed 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 fine previously and do the same for 1.3 but i get the trophy thing, didnt mind then replaced it but then when i go into the game and its loading the edit data i get "Unable to load because data is from a different version. Download new contents to update data" and therefore everything has gone back to default ie. north london=arsenal. i went back and copied over the 1.2 edit data and it went back to normal

so do we have a solution for this yet because i would like the 1.3 update?? is it posible to wait for the 1.4 edit data and see if that works and not worry about 1.3??

thanks for the great work gtm mm


Registered User
If you are making next season's kits here's the liverpool one


Registered User
Mighty Mag Dale Jennings looks quite good, not sure about the hair though.

Yeah its not bad for a scan with a small image, I usually struggle to keep the detail of faces under 500 pixels, the hair we can change just added a short hair for now!


Seems to be a lot of requests for Kits? should they not go in the kit threads? as this is for Option files?



Registered User
Great Work glen and mighty-mag!!!
Although a fan of new kits etc, I think it should be waited until the new kits are already worn by the teams or until this season finishes before adding any new kits to the file.
Also might like to check this out , (not my work credit to neilez2 on pes fan. I dont recommend using "in game chants" just the ones for "set pieces" and "after goal" some very realistic prem team & national ones.


Registered User
hey guys any chance of doin a face scan of liverpool's jay spearing in the next update?
thanks in advance & keep up good work

glen the magpie

Registered User
its mainly an update to fix whatever errors there were from 1.3 plus the addition of santos fc some new kits and some improved kits plus more players added by mighty mag


Registered User
i´ve installed just version 1.0 and some team badges are wrong.
i ´ve copied GTM over my previous OF and deleted the leftover fiels from it and know some team badges, especially germans teams and spanish are still the default ones

any tips what i did wrong?