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Game made you go WOW the first time you played them


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I look forward to the 0 replies.

Mario 64
Yeah, this is probably the main one. Obviously the jump fron SNES to 64 was massive, so this just was crazy and even at a young age, I couldn't believe how much better the 3D looked. Couldn't wait to wake up the next day to play more.

Tomb Raider 2
Got a Playstation for Xmas 97 and quite a lot of games for it, but Tomb Raider 2 just made me think wow. I don't really know what it was about it, maybe just how the game started in that cave type of environment with them two tigers and shit. You had flares and crap. It just appealed to me. It could have been Lara's big squared tits too.

Vice City
I didn't have a PS2 when I lived in Barbados, but my bro came over for Xmas in 2002 and I played this game :moyes2: Game just blew me away the first time I played. That vibe you got whilst playing this game hasn't been replicated for me yet.


Coin-Arcade games

Space Invaders - was revolutionary, defined a new era

Dragon's Lair - was like playing in a disney film

Andd I can never find the game, but played it at a Murphy's Mart and used to go back all the time - user flew a space ship through the depths of a huge space station, shooting at things. But the incredible piece was the space station was a minature model and filmed, not computer generated. I have scoured the internet for hours looking for this game but to this day cannot find it. That Murphy's Mart was the only place I ever saw it and we used to drop quarters in that thing for hours.
Games that made me go "wow the first to?, What does this even mean Joel?

In terms of games that blew me mind, Mario 64 is definitely up there. I remember playing it at The Big Bash in 1997. This is a game I'd been reading about for years and had seen countless previews in Nintendo Magazine System. I was so hyped and when I finally got to play Bob-omb Battlefield in the Nintendo trailer :banderas:

I was slightly gutted that I only had about 30 minutes left of our school trip their to play it but I loved every moment of it. My friend had won a copy of Donkey Kong Country 3 during the expo (I cant remember how) but he never got to play Mario 64, so I had the bragging rights on the coach trip back to school!

The first game to blow my mind though was The Legend of Zelda on the NES. Prior to this, I'd wager about 95% of the games I played were side scrollers, so to experience an open world that I could explore completely from the get go for the first time was an amazing experience. The whole receiving of this game was a complete fluke. Initially my mom had set out to buy me a pinball game for my birthday that I'd loaned off a friend as we both thought it was GOAT. However Argos were OOS and I think Zelda was the only title they had in so she bought it for me. This set me down the true faggot path as beforehand I had merely just liked gaming, but after receiving this game I became the true fag you know and love today.

In terms of modern games, Fallout 3 is the experience I remember most from last gen. Nothing has ever come close to the first time I ventured out of vault 101. I was already impressed with the whole vault 101 environment, but when I realised, holy shit this first hour or so is just a teaser for much grander things, I knew I had experienced a new generation of gaming. (Fallout 3 was my first game on the xbox 360, and was also the first game I played that gen other than Wii games) The HD graphics were amazing, the world and atmosphere from the get go was sublime and it's an experience that hasn't been bettered for me since.


Pro Evolution Soccer - Bought it in Woolworths in a boxing day sale for about £20 on a whim and had no expectations. First time I enjoyed a football game, it was fantastic.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - "Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!" Graphics or should I say artwork was beautiful and drew you into one of the best games/stories of all time.


Commander Blood
Grand Theft Auto III
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Fallout 3
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


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Grand Theft Auto III - There was once a day where I didn't keep up with every major release. I'm guessing because I had yet to buy a PS2 that this game flew under my radar, and I didn't even know it existed until my mate asked me to come over and see it. I went back to his house every day for about 2 weeks, and even though I never even touched the controller, was enthralled. I guess I'm cheating with this pick since I didn't play it at the time.

TimeSplitters 2 - Was at a sleepover and somebody had their Gamecube with this game. I didn't know what it was, but in about 5 minutes I was addicted and couldn't get enough. We did 4 local players against two teams of bots and the endless possibilities of maps, weapons and characters overwhelmed me.


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Metal Gear Solid

It was the first time a video game really made me sit up and mutter "holy crap" to myself. Looking at it now, it's a pixelated mess, but back then, just before the turn of the millennium, this game took gaming to a new height. It was like playing a movie, and being a diehard (pun intended) fan of action movies, it was the first time I felt more entertained playing a game than watching a movie.

Grand Theft Auto III

The definitive open world game. Many, many, many franchises have tried to imitate and copy the Grand Theft Auto series, and it all started with this little gem that wowed me the moment I saw the intro to the game and the fact that it was going to be 3D. I'd played all of the versions that came before, including the tacked-on London 1969 DLC (before DLC was DLC). They were fun games, but never anything beyond that. GTA III changed that forever.

The Last of Us

The first time a game made me slow down so that it would take far longer to finish it. From the moment I put in the disc, to the moment the final credits played, I was rooted to the screen, my jaw on the floor for most of it. One of the defining gaming memories of my life. No game has ever made me feel the way The Last of Us did. A masterpiece of gaming.

The Witcher 3

You remember that moment in The Elder Scrolls Oblivion when you've made your way out of the Imperial Prison via the sewers, and the loading screen pops up to tell you you're entering into a new area, and everything to that point has been dark and gloomy? You walk out into the world for the first time and your jaw just drops? It's beautiful! You just wanna run off into the distance and explore every nook and cranny? Yeah, The Witcher 3 made me feel like that for every single one of the 300+ hours I played it.