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Help Index For Newcomers (ALL READ!!)


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-Here for PS3 Option File list

-Here for "NEW" poll for most popular PS3 Option file

-Here for real player names from fake

-Here for missing transfers/players

-Here for duplicate players

-Here for real stadium/cup/league names from fake

-Here for pes player stats database

-Here for Transferring to Modded/Chipped XBOX360

-Here for "All unlocked" system file ps3

-Here for Q/A about new konami update, and installation guide

-Here for Q/A about U.S version of pes09

-Here for Logos/emblems pngs, for National & Club teams, and installation guide

-Here for Selection of chants, and installation guide

-Here for Selection of Face packs and installation guide PS3

-Here for Kit sponsors/logo requests

-Here for Kit Formulas

-Here for Appearance requests

-Here for Connecting a PS3 Online

-Here for konami news online about servers and updates (only place to trust!

When released how to install the update
-turn on ps3 connect to psn
-load game
-prompt for update will appear (as normal)
-then auto installs
-load pes
-go to system settings-download (in game)
-choose p2p or http download
-download finishes THEN game updated.

Which the Update will and wont affect
You WILL NOT lose your Become A Legend
You WILL NOT lose your Master League
Any Player you have created will be moved back to Unregistered Players, you will not have Duplicate players.
You Do Not need to delete your Edit Data.
The Update will only add to your file and replace things the update includes, e.g Spanish Licenses, France Kit.
Transfers will all be adjusted to Konamis new database.
Emblems youve done and kits will remain, unless youve edited the new 4 liga clubs ath/sev/val/rac. Renamed players also will remain (like NT etc),

Installing basic option files PS3
-Follow link to download OF
-When downloaded on your cpu, should appear as a .zip file. (compressed data file)
-Get winrar or any unzip utility from the web (google search these)if you haventgot these already
-Go into chosen utility and Unzip downloaded file
-This should now appear as a ps3 folder, within that will be many uniform folders and a option folder
-Copy the whole ps3 folder and its sub folders, to a pc formatted usb stick
-Stick usb in playstation
-Under game menu in media bar om ps3 is a save data utility
-in this folder will be all your game saves for you games
-Delete all your existing pes edit data/kit pngs . (if you wanna keep your save cups/leagues/bal etc you can)
-at the top should say usb device (or similar)
-go into that you will see all the pes files (an edit data file, and many images of kits)
-press triangle on one and copy that to your ps3 (your main user profile on your ps3)
-repeat this for all the files
-These will now appear as they did on your usb, but now on your ps3 with all your other save games
-Load pes
-pes will create new user system data (unless you also kept your old system data which you can)
-Edit data will load automatically.....viola

Installing Chants on PS3

1. You need to create a "playlist" at your PS3 XMB called KONAMI_PES with no spaces (when you have typed that in your onscreen keyboard, don't press start because it will automatically add a space at the end of it, instead press L1 3/4 times then press start)
2. Go to your USB device in XMB music, press X, then Triangle to "dispaly all", files will be in MUSIC folder.
3. Copy chants to KONAMI_PES playlist.
4. Start game, go to chants, mp3 library, all your chants should be in there.

Methods for transfering OF to XBOX360
There's a few different things you can use, but they all involve buying something. You can't use a USB Stick or connect your console via network cable.

XSata -
Clips on in between your HDD and your console. Has to be connected to your console and PC simultaneously. Not the greatest design and not the easiest to disconnect from your console, so I'd avoid it.

XPort -
I own one, works perfectly. You simply connect your hard drive, or memory card, to the docking station and plug into your PC via USB. It's powered by your computer so your console doesn't have to be anywhere near your PC. Same price as the XSata, and works with both hard drives and memory cards so this is recommended over the Xsata.

Datel Transfer Kit -
The cheapest option if you already own a memory

Talismoon Minispy SATA connector-
It's a small and cheap xbox HDD connector and it works very well. Priced at about 8 pounds, it sure is a better option than the XSATA.

Installing basic option files XBOX360
Installation Help


Connect your hard drive/memory card to the Xport Device as instructed in the manual.
Run the Xport software
Navigate to partition 3, and select the correct gamer profile
Find folder 4B4E07F0(PES 2009) and go into subfolder 00000001
If you've already saved some files, you should see them there

Use WinZip to extract the downloaded option file to a separate folder
With the option file unzipped, have your xport software window on one side of the screen and the folder with the option file in on the other side of the screen.
Use drag & drop to transfer the files to the Xport. You may have to transfer the files one or two at the time otherwise the program might crash.
Once all the files have been transferred, disconnect the hard drive from the X-Port hardware, plug it back onto the Xbox and load up PES!

Datel Memory Unit transfer Kit:

Make sure you have a default PES 2009 Edit file: In xbox360 dashboard; go to System, select your 360 HDD and copy the Edit File from the HDD to your memory card.

1.- Extract the files to a folder named PES.
2.- Plug in your memory unit into the usb cable.
3.- Run Xport 360 software. Download here ->
4.- Double click on Memory Unit 360 and then Partition 2.
5.- Double click on content.
6.- Click on E00002B45A53B92B. (This number might be different in euro version)
7.- Click on 4B4E07F0.
8.- Click on 00000001.
9.- Drag every file on the folder PES to 00000001.
10.- Close Xport 360.
11.- Transfer the files to your xbox 360 HDD in the main menu under memory. If it says to overwrite, accept.

I strongly advise not to use the software included with the kit, download Xport 360 software instead.

any1 think of anything else i should put on here?


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Really helpful thread. Nice to see this pinned. Also nice to see you back mate :)


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cheers mate, think i lost the plot a bit (bad couple of weeks personally) but ay im back to help as best i can.
just no more editing for me, got solidstav, making an "extras" version of my file, so ill assist him there
should be good


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if some one could make a comparison list for OF for the XBOX360 illl post it here, i mreally not rsure what ones work or not.


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if some one could make a comparison list for OF for the XBOX360 illl post it here, i mreally not rsure what ones work or not.

I'd be glad to help out on that, but I just own 1 product. You'd have to find someone who has them all


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useful thread as there are lots of duplicate thread in the forum
sometimes so lazy to go through on them
ask them to refer here
they will find what they need


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i successfully put my chants in pes before the update but since the update they have disappeared from the game!!
i don't understand because my folder KONAMI PES is still on my ps3!
do i need to create an another konami pes folder or it's because of the update who erase them fom the game?
if someone can help me it'll be cool!


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sorry if this sounds stupid...but if i replace my system file with the "All Unlocked" one, will it change the edit or anything at all?


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no frankie, the system file saves stuff like controls camera view and stats, not edit data of anysort.
check the track record it will be saved from whoever did the systme file.

not somthing i like to do.


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i have followed all the steps to put the option file in the PS3, but the step where thedit data is suppose to load by itself, it is NOT. i have made sure every file in PES2009 is deleted and have copied the edit data file from my usb to the PS3. it just wont load by itself. I go to the edit on the main screen to load it, but it says there is no data. What is Wrong? On the system setting screan at the bottom i did earlier in the week install game data, is that the problem. Should i hvae not dont thata
Please help i ant to play this game with all the real teams and badges, and start my Master league

Thanks You


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I cannot get PES 2009 Editor to open up my PES 2009Osave1121046700 .xps OF. I've placed the OF on desktop and My Documents in an effort to open it up in the editor "open file" dialog box to no avail. There was a time with older editors where I could just drag the X-Port file from desktop into the editor and it would open up. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.