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Improvements/ Things You Want Added To PES 2011


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Either change pretty much everything about the gameplay, or don't even bother making a new game. PES2010 is easily the worst football game I've ever played.

I wouldn't say worst. It is far better than Pes' other next-gen offerings. But nowhere near the standerd we expect and is a step back from the likes of Pes 5 and 6.


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from the casual gamers POV i can see how pes 2010 can be seen as apauling. I think by 2010 we should of had a good football experiance by now in general. Look at Fallout 3, Bad Company or GTA. These games have taken massive leaps in development whereas our 2 football games have barely got out of 2nd gear. We should be seeing huge football games with immensely more complicated engines than we have atm. On the plus side atleast there's plenty to build on.


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Better variety of shoots instead of the unrealistic side footers that they seem to do most of the time.
I think most others have been covered by you guys.

Question: How much longer will we stick with PES if they fail to address some of the problems AGAIN?


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^^The side foot shots look quality. Played the demo at Curry's today and the graphics blew me away. They were much better than i remembered. When ibra got on the ball you could make out his face and his stature made him stand out as in real life. The demo was well robotic and the button delay was so bad but i really enjoyed it. The graphics were so good they made up for the flaws. So much better to look at than Fifa. Also when i had the ball on the demo i felt the need to hold onto the ball and play some football rather than in fifa where you just ping up 2 balls to the top and score.

i have a good feeling for Pes 2011. The 360 drbblng should actually exist this time.

3 things i want are:

-Goalkeepers to make a difference and stand out. They need 50-100 new annimations of diving saves and standig saves. Also hold onto the fucking ball!

-360 dribbling to make a difference but not OTT as in fifa.

-Erradication of the clunkiness and roboticness and revert to the fluid, smooth movement of the ps2 pes'

We can all make do with the modes as they are. Gameplay is key now. A personal thing i want back is the ability to look at my transfer targets stats befor i spend the rest of my life scoutig him.


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More Stadiums - Get's a little boring playing at the same ones. Also some of them need to be corrected in terms of their size - I think the Nou Camp and Old Trafford should be higher to get a feel of the size of the arena. The current proportions if you like don't seem to compliment them very well. Also some grounds have the goals too far away from the terraces then they should be, a la San Siro which takes away its beauty as a closed in stadium.

Lighting - How annoying is it when you play a evening game yet it looks quite dark as if the floodlights aren't on!?

Boots - More boots. (Why aren't the pink mercurials included yet?) It gets boring when every other player has yellow boots on.

Kit Selection - revert back to the older PES's when you could press triangle in kit selection, and mix and match your kit if necessary. I find that when I play Chelsea or Sampdoria as a blue team there's a slight clash, which could be corrected if you could make them for wear an all blue combination of shirt, socks and shorts for example.

More teams - speaks for itself.

Apart from that just please make the gameplay a little better please!

Ibro Poludi!

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- soundtrack - irrelevant, we have custom playlists
- menus - irrelevant :shocking:
- stadiums - definitely there should be more, 20-sth is to few, and f.ex. there are too few "English" type stadiums. 30-40 is the right number (at least). It doesn't matter if they are generic or real. And what's with Meazza/San Siro thing? :rolleyes:
- balls - currently there are 18 (or so) but 6-7 are random Konami balls, so we have 10 left, but this ain't a issue
- kits - 3 a team, or at least a combination of Home & Away one (both would be nice). Example, Liverpool have a Red & Black kits, what about a light/white combination (same with ManUtd, etc...). There are many other bad H&A combinations...
- pes shop - 6 star difficulty, random balls... all that fun stuff, fast games...
- more realistic ratings - Speed doesn't equal Greatest player of all times
- Penalties - more, more, more, and better shooting mechanism, and the camera behind the back of the taker instead of this ridiculous side view
- Referees - improvement is needed
- Injuries - a variety of them, knees, heads, groins,... basically everything instead of just the same old 1 animation
- Hand balls
- better diving or no diving at all, this sucks right now
- snow
- grass types
- weather should have impact on way players behave (a game in July in Spain or a game in January in Russia should not be the same)
- the right stick is unused right now, those manual passes suck, and the current dribbling is a big ??? for me. Give me back my 360 roulette to the right stick
- jersey pulling
- dirty jerseys for playing on rain, in mud etc...
- Commentary - remove it or add that Japanese guy or some Russian guy to have few laughs during a game, if we can't have a proper duo. And stop referring "They", "he"... that sucks, or the line after you win a cup - "they won it, but what now, they don't know how to celebrate..."

- Qualifies are a must, with the player selection from a pool of all players from that selection, and a final 23 selection for the Cup if you qualify
- real names are irrelevant like stated before
- Olympics - 23 yr olds + 2 or 3 older

Master league
- this was a nice start with 2010 but the progress shall not be stopped right now
- changing teams - it becomes dull after some time with 1 team
- more divisions and every division should have a second division
- proper cup formats - 2 cups for England, a supercup between champion and cup winner, that 4 team cup they have in Germany...
- real 3 stage qualifiers for CL & Uefa Cup/League
- registering a 23 players for CL or UEFA lg, like in real life, newly acquired players can't compete if they have already played for another team...
- realistic transfers - rivals don't trade between each other like crazy, cr7 (or 9 :D ) wont be traded to Barca after 6 months in ML mode...
- managers changing teams (Rafa to Juve etc...)
- incorporated World/Euro/Africa/Asia/Olympic tournaments into ML
- proper calendar - EPL plays a lot games during late December & January, while in game they play 2 games in January
- more injuries - Arsenal style, I want to have 5-10 players injured at same time instead of 2 players injured during a season for the length of 1 or 2 weeks

- don't play it, so can't say much :erm:

- Licensed teams - I will share a new groundbreaking wisdom - We want more :shocking:
- Full kit/shorts editing (sleeves, above the number, under the number, at the back of shorts...)
- Team info edit - funds, team rankings, player wages (so a newly created Bayern won't have 5 mil available when they have 50 or 100 or 200 mil in real life)
- Manager editor - looks, nationality, preferences (playing style, player type - like stated before), age...
- Player editor - under shirts, tapes, shoes, fingertapes, keeper gloves, shoes, real faces & hairstyles adding to other players (I wanna be Totti 2.0 :) )
- unlimited space for pics of faces & kits, I don't care if my game will load 1 or 5 min when I turn on PES every time, I want to use the 250 gb ps3
- edit a referee - why not - give him 5 basic stats to tweak them like you want, so no one can say he is harsh or blind
- better hairstyles - 75% of them are a big LOL (those straight 1-25 short, medium, long), give them a bit realism

probably I could find more things, but these few (?!) were the first ones that popped in my mind


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First off....

The system files u have to keep downloading....
they wipe off your edit information like Transfers
now i like to make a few of the top Bundesliga teams (bayern, Wolfsburg, Bayer, Werder for example)
and everytime they have the update, it wipes them off and i have to do it again!

Also, it sets the National teams rosters back to default
i dont think these should be reset over and over

The Rating system is a shock....
they spent too much time on "big" teams and players
Messi and Ronaldo are made invincible...let's get real here
Messi cant run back and win a ball in defence easily from say Lucio just because he's fast!
and these same players dont seem to get tired or slow down at all as the game goes on....
which makes the game ridiculous and repetitive mainly when u're playing people online who only know how to play one way with a "ronaldo" or "messi" in their team
sad but true............

The online play is very poor
it was my first ever venture into online play and i have been disappointed
it's not my connection that's causing the ridiculous lag times cause other ppls i know in my area with the same connection speed are playing FIFA (yes i said it) with no problems whatsoever
this has been a major disappointment

The gameplay is still good but after playing the SAME game on PS2 today...i think they rushed this PS3 version
the PS2 version is much more "real".
it's not as fast and gameplay isn't at breakneck speed throughout

What PES was always good at was making gameplay realistic. I think they fell off a bit this year with it.
The speed is way too fast even if u try to control the game with passing.
And the other team gets ridiculous with their one-touch passing game that is just something u have to laugh at.

The PS2 version is somehow better and more realistic in their gameplay.


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Also maybe try small sided games like they used to have in the training modes before
the dribbling, shooting etc.

and maybe throw in a Indoor game option
it adds to the game overall appeal i think

Fifa tried it in 1998 i think it was but it seemed rushed together
tho it was fun

PES is still the better game in my opinion but i hope they address those main issues out there since FIFA has closed the gap considerably tho FIFa still runs 2nd.

It's getting closer


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Played the demo at Curry's today...

Lol Muzza you've been talking 'bout PES11 without owning PES10? Lol just messing mate

I agree with a lot of what's been said here.

Got here by googling PES 2011, and apparently Seabass was talking about a konami survey bk in December...
unfortunately I saw this too late

ANYWAY, for me, I don't care about the presentation too much; or rather, I quite like it at the moment. What I do care about is THE IN-GAME PLAY

I've spent about 10-20 hrs playing Fifa 09 now at a good friend's house, compared to my 100 hrs or so on PES10 and my 500+ on PES08-09

My main gripe is the controls, and my inheritance, the passing and shooting

Somebody a great vid of 26 passes leading to an Argentinian goal against Serbia (love the serbian fan's face nr the end of the clip)

To my mind in PES, you just can't do that in the same way as your players pass the ball to who you like. The CPU AI interferes too much.

The one thing I love most about FIFA (apart from the licensing, and we all know PES won't have more licensed/official teams unless EA rolls over and dies) was the manual controls. With full manual, if you can imagine, YOU CAN DO IT:
-top right corner shot from 50 yards (DIFFICULT, and even then only with a few players, like in real-life)
-play the ball at 10mph a yard short of the player ahead of you so he has to track back to keep possession...and then 1 minute later play the ball at 30mph, 5 yards ahead of your teammate for him to spin onto...from exactly the same position, with the exact same player...
(incidentally, back in PES 09, players like Xabi Alonso & Benayoun, who had the "playmaker" attribute, would intentionally play the ball further away from opposition players in order to keep possesion. Twas a bit random tho - u couldn't control which side of the player it went, nor the weight of the pass, etc)
etc etc.

So, sort out the manual controls. Make them consistent, so that as we practise, we get better as opposed to more frustrated. No more of those "I don't understand why the game did that" moments.

-Why have Konami taken things out of next-gen PES? Things like
.human control of the away team in tournaments
.amount of CPU assistance on player switching
....I could go on and on.

FIFA has a wealth of options. PES PS2 has a wealth of options. It's not like our consoles and PCs are gonna break down because there are more options to deal with.

People are forever saying things like "I love the Right-stick being only for manual pass" vs "I hate not having a skill stick"

"Referees are too harsh/don't play advantages"

"The view of penalties from the side is confusing"

et cetera et cetera ad infinitum


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@arakrazy lol my ML was ballzed up so i went over to Fifa. Got bored of that and now play Pes 6 and Bad Company 2. i want 2010 back though. Good points also.

Demo's at Currys are keeping me going. The demo is apaulingly bad though. Still better than playing Fifa :p


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1. Keep the option of specially training the player on a specific skill but also make it easier/harder (depending on potential and amount of time played) for him to acquire the skill through actually doing the stuff during games. That way, we will actually have to practise using the skill in games and would be developing our playing skills as the player develops.
(E.g.: If a player keeps making successful through passes then he gets the "passer" skill after x amount of games)

2. More stadiums please!

3. Proper and full teams and players. We don't ask for a lot, just the big six (EPL, Ligue 1, Primera Liga, Calcio, Bundesliga, Eredivisie) in full and a smattering of the other successful clubs from other leagues. (E.g. Benefica, Porto, Sporting / Olympiakos, Panathinaikos / Rangers, Celtic, etc. and every other team who made the UCL and Europa league in the past 2 seasons)

4. Selection of referee levels. I noticed in WE9 (the last version I played before PES2010) you got different refs who were introduced before each game and each had their own quirks (E.g. More lenient, more stringent).


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Firstly id like to apologise to anyone i may offend but it HAS to be said!

The people who are asking for things such as more stadiums, more boots, etc...

Are the ones who are keeping pes and fifa in the dark ages. And allow konami to just make a few tweaks to 2010, rebadge it and sell it as 2011!

Do you seriously care if there are only a handful of stadiums? If you do, then you need to get out. When i play pes, i acctually play pes? not sit there looking around the stadium. a handful of liscenced team stadiums and 1 fake stadium will do, the 1 fake stadium can just have its banners/seats change colour to whatever team are playing at home.

And whats the point in more boots?! 10-15 boots isnt enough for you? just because you cant have the exact same boots as the sunday league player who lives down the road from you? honestly, wats the point in wasteing disk space on more boots.

Its these and other little things people ask for what stop the game from really moving forward.

You need things adding what will effect gameplay alot such as:

Being a goalkeeper or a defender in BAL

Being loaned out by your team in BAL to gain experience (do we seriously believe alex ferguson would play an untested 17yr old from his youth team ahead of rooney after 4-5 games?!, lets get real)

Getting personal sponsors to wear a certian boot manufacturer

Interviews before and after big games and you can select your answer from a possible 4 answers which will affect your relationship with your manager,club,fans.

Having meetings with your manager to explain why your last performance was horrible or a meeting to ensure your future at the club

Correct contract periods, instead of just 1 year contracts in BAL, imagine if rooney,ronaldo,messi were all offered 1 year deals lol they would laugh and leave.

Being able to re-call your players on loan in ML

Real managers for the big teams, fergie for united and so on, This could be kept to just the best 10 teams on pes to keep the disk space down.

Sort out the fouls, this game is well known for the refs. Even the older versions of pes. It just seems KONAMI have never watched a real football game..... no foul for there player coming from behind with 2 feet, but a foul against me for slightly pressuring there player lol get real.

The fans influencing the match, If your at home in a big game your fans can cheer louder and get behind the team raising the teams morale slightly, Or if your team just keep giving the ball away or missing chances your own fans can become restless and boo you making your team even worse.

Being able to shout orders if your the captian in BAL, to defend more, attack more, man mark, praise/critisice.

Get rid of champions league mode, why is it even there?? you can play champions league inside master league! and you get a better feeling as you know you worked hard to get there in the first place. Not just pick up and play. Totally pointless and free's up alot of space for other additions.

Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but in BAL there is a wierd glitch sorta thing. Lets say you play for sunderland and you take on man utd. man utd are awesome. But then lets say you join man utd in the transfer window. All of a sudden they play like retards.

I like the idea someone else said on here regarding using other teams kits as a base for yours in edit mode. It's a tiny problem, doesnt stop me playing pes but annoys me a little. I hate how much time i spend in photoshop making my own kit then transfering it across onto my ps3 and edit my team. The logo is awesome,etc etc... but then you play against a lisenced team and there kits look tones better, with logo's on shorts and socks, small lines all over the shirt giving it a real look. Makes your hours of effort look like a charity shop kit! no matter how nice.

Make the AI of your manager in BAL better, if your player has a diagnol blue arrow and is slightly tired, he still gets picked infront of rooney and other stars. its laughable.

Theres tones more but meh, bored now


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TBF you have slated people at the beginning of your post for wanting aesthetic things and then asked for exactly the same. Even if all your ideas were added (some of which are good btw) they would be useless if the gameplay stays as it is now. no amount of detail in a new or old mode will hide the gameplay problems. This is what needs adressing first and foremost


Calcio Agriculturus
Get rid of champions league mode, why is it even there?? you can play champions league inside master league! and you get a better feeling as you know you worked hard to get there in the first place. Not just pick up and play. Totally pointless and free's up alot of space for other additions.

No, that's a stupid suggestion. I play the stand-alone Champions League mode all the time. It's great fun when I don't want the depth of the master league or if I want to recreate the real tournament.

Konami should make the Europa League a stand-alone mode as well. I doubt that either take up very much space at all.


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wanting more boots and stadiums is what i consider an add-on which should be waaaaaaaayyyyy down the list.

Do people seriously sit here all year thinking "omg i cant wait for the next pes, hope theres more boots!"

that is the equivelant of waiting all year for the new call of duty game to come out and the only thing you want adding is 1 new gun, same storyline,same characters etc...

The champions league mode is fun the ONE time its played. you set it up to be like the real life groups, play it through, finish it.....bored.

I definatly understand what you mean about me slating the boot idea then asking for a better edit mode, its definatly sounds like im contridicting myself. Having more boots and stadiums isnt my problem, its the fact we have a chance to tell konami what we want to see in the next pes (weather it be this topic or an official feedback one) and the best people can come up with is more boots?

IMO more boots and stadiums should be put into a new game automatically.

PES and FIFA have just robbed us of money the last couple of years, they have kept the exact same core game and just updated squads,kits and a few tweaks, then rebadged it and sold it as the newer version. I want to see real progress, big add-ons, proof the company has put alot of effort into the game. And the only way of doing that is to make BIG changes, leave boots and other things at the bottom of the priority list!


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People ask for boots etc because improving aspects of the gameplay goes without saying. We all no the cliche core things we want for gameplay so peeps pitch in with the asthetics


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No, that's a stupid suggestion. I play the stand-alone Champions League mode all the time. It's great fun when I don't want the depth of the master league or if I want to recreate the real tournament.

Konami should make the Europa League a stand-alone mode as well. I doubt that either take up very much space at all.

I agree that the UCL and even the EL should stay as stand alone. If nothing else, I'm sure it was one of the conditions set by UEFA when they allowed Konami to use the rights to the UCL and EL that the 2 tournaments have to be featured prominently!

After working so hard to wrest the UCL from FIFA, I sure hate to see them give it up like that. Don't like the stand alone UCL? Don't play it! :rolleyes:


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The gameplay is worth building on. For the first time in the PES series there is no certain way where you can score. Thegameplay needs tweaking and the referees need to be rebuilt.

And why dont we have World Cup qualifiers. This is a World Cup year.

Im pissed that they are making a Winning Eleven with Japan Challenge where you can play Qualifiers.

It really doens take som many ressources to implement such a great feature. The Master League has got a lot of attention but I want to play a qualifier from scratch.

Btw it has been more than 40 years people landed on the moon and we still dont have qualifiers in World Cup - ridiculous.