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[LEAGUE] Hyundai A-League Creation Thread 2014/15


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Since we have all kits and as soon as I make all players with the stats, I'll export. Does anybody know how to convert BLUS files to BLES?


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friends in game not insert 10 team ?
insert alone 12, 14, 18 ,20 team you create other team please for complete league ?


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Lineups are updated except Wellington and Western Sydney (the match will be held tomorrow), transfers updated and fixed the "Starting 12" in Adelaide United


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Hi GronKaroglan here is the Missing part of Berisha!!!!




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Since the players are done, I've started to do some faces...

Thomas Broich - Brisbane Roar

Skin: ///
Head & Face Size: ////
Facial: /////////
Brows: //////////
Eye: ////////////////
Ear: //
Nose: ////////
Mouth: ///////
Facial Hair: //


I'm kinda rusty so any suggestion is welcome


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I'm already upload some team exports with players, stats and some faces maded (BLUS at the moment)
Check in each team to download the Team Export

Teams already made:
- Adelaide United (except Anthony Costa stats)
- Brisbane Roar
- Central Coast Mariners
- Melbourne Victory
- Sydney FC
- Western Sydney Wanderers


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Auckland City (AUC)
Established: 2004
Stadium: Kiwitea Stadium (3.500)
Manager: Ramon Tribulietx
Rivals: Wellington Phoenix
Formation (4-3-3) | Stats | Kits

24 GK Jacob Spoonley | IG New Zealand NT
03 DF Takuya Iwata
06 DF John Irving
15 DF Ivan Vicelich (captain)
04 DF Mario Bilen
08 MF Tim Payne | IG New Zealand NT
23 MF Sam Burfoot
09 MF Darren Paul White
19 FW David Browne
10 FW Ryan De Vries
25 FW Fabrizio Tavano

01 GK Tamati Williams
18 GK Louie Caunter
02 DF Simon Arms
05 DF Ángel Berlanga
07 DF James Pritchett
17 DF Marko Đorđević
22 DF Andrew Milne
11 MF Cameron Lindsay | IG New Zealand NT
16 MF Kim Dae-Wook
32 MF Tajima Sho
13 FW João Moreira
14 FW Sanni Issa

21 DF Kohei Matsumoto
12 MF Adam McGeorge
-- MF Iván Carril
-- FW Óscar

Mid-Season transfers:

MF Iván Carril (from L' Hospitalet)
FW Óscar (from Moss FK)
MF Adam McGeorge (from Central United)

FW Emiliano Tade (to CA Mitre)