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New PS3 Option File with FM stats and Summer Transfers


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Big Problem with this Option File !!!

I can't select Pato (AC Milan) to play for Brazil National Football Team !!! Indeed he doesn't appear in the list of brazilian players.

Do the test, and i've got the same problem with JÔ (Manchester City).

And yes, i know it's A.Pato and not "Pato"... DO THE TEST !!!

So, how can solve the problem ?

I can't find Yohan Gourcuff neither in Bordeaux (or AC Milan his previous club) nor in France National Football Team...


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By faaaaaaaaaar the best option file out there right now! All the stats seems pretty accurate, as well as teams, formations etc.

I'm so sick of LFC power's option files with that stupid mpower player with all his stats 99, and the liverpool players being unrealisticly good etc.

This optionfile is brilliant, totally unbiased and very accurate!

hopefulle you will have a good optionfile for pes09 soon after release!

Thanks for the good optionfile mate!


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Hi guys.... I'm new on this forum and I came here to try to solve a boring problem that I got to install LFC Option File on my PS3.

I've done many times all steps to install the option file. In fact, I can see in my PES Folder (Saved Data Utility on HDD) the new faces, jerseys, System Data and Edit Data, but also I see my old files in the same folder (Edit Data and System Data) and when I start the game the system takes the old option file and not the new one.

In other hands, I tried deleting my old Option File letting just the new one on the PES folder but it doesn't work and when the game goes run ask me to settle all the basic settings (i.e. difficulty level) like option file wouldn't exist it.

I completed a back-up to my old option file and I compared it with the new LFC option file and I founded that the names are differents between them. My old option file name is BLUS30111EEDIT01, instead the LFC option file name is BLES00110EEDIT01.

So, anyone knows why this is happening??? anyone knows how to fix this problem and the LFC option file works in my PS3???


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With what software you are a user to the increase of the costumes and the actors. I have several groups from the Israeli league and I want to raise ps3. I do not know how, will be able to help me?