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Newcastle Jets Home/Away/GK

Newcastle Jets Home L&R Sleeve

Newcastle Jets Away L&R Sleeve

Newcastle Jets GK L&R Sleeve

Newcastle Jets Home L&R Shorts

Newcastle Jets Away L&R Shorts

Newcastle Jets GK L&R Shorts

Newcastle Jets Home & GK Socks

Red 44-8-12
Blue 6-6-39
Gold/Tan 46-34-17
Green 7-24-15
Brown 20-5-2
GK Yellow 63-53-7


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Perth Glory Home/Away/GK

Perth Glory Home L&R Sleeve

Perth Glory Home L&R Shorts

Perth Glory Home L&R Socks

Perth Glory Away L&R Sleeve

Perth Glory Away L&R Shorts

Perth Glory Away L&R Socks

Perth Glory GK L&R Sleeve

Perth Glory GK L&R Shorts

Perth Glory GK L&R Socks

Purple 16-9-21
Orange 62-26-10
GK Blue 7-15-42


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Changes made to Adelaide United here

you are missing TJM 4x4 Equipped

Need to add the "4X4" inbtween "TJM" and "Equipped"