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PS3 A-League OF PNG Help


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Sydney FC Home/Away/GK

Sydney FC Home L&R Sleeve

Sydney FC Away L&R Sleeve

Sydney FC GK L&R Sleeve

Sydney FC Home L&R Shorts

Sydney FC Away L&R Shorts

Sydney FC GK L&R Shorts

Sydney FC Home/Away/GK Socks

Light Blue 38-51-59
Dark Blue 3-12-24
Charcoal 9-12-14
Light Grey 28-31-35
Red 46-5-10
Orange 54-21-8

Thanks to rocky5 for the GK template


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Wellington Phoenix Home/GK

Wellington Phoenix Home L&R Sleeve

Wellington Phoenix GK L&R Sleeve

Wellington Phoenix Home/GK L Shorts

Wellington Phoenix Home/GK Socks

Yellow 63-53-0
Light Blue 17-45-62
Dark Blue 1-37-51

Thanks to rocky5 for the GK template


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hi guys just wondering what the link is for this op file? cheers

Its not out yet.
just started today on 2div have done 5 teams already should have the other 13+extra teams done over next few days.
not long to wait now guys.


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Melbourne Victory Home/Away/GK

Melbourne Victory Home L&R Sleeve

Melbourne Victory Away L&R Sleeve

Melbourne Victory GK L&R Sleeve

Melbourne Victory Home L&R Shorts

Melbourne Victory Away L&R Shorts

Melbourne Victory GK L&R Shorts

Melbourne Victory Home/Away/GK Socks

Home Blue 8-9-16
Away Blue 1-27-45
GK Light Blue 17-45-62
GK Dark Blue 1-37-51

Thanks to rocky5 for the GK template


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Can you remove the sides on Home Kit, cant find anything to match and it just looks bad on its own.
Also you need to remove the white rings on home kit Sleeve and leave it Blank so when you select a LS kit it wont leave that line there.
arm logo are too big
need White Shorts white light blue Stripes.

Thanks pal.


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Going to be adding the kits now.
Ill let you know if there is any problems
Like MVFC the SFC and WPFC Home kits will need that bottom part of sleeves to be removed and left blank.
cos i can add it in game so it works when you change to an LS kit.

and also if i could get MVFC White Short L/R whit Dark Blue Adidas and one with a Light Blue Adidas (To use for clashes like they did against adelaide and ill put in 3rd/4t Kit spots)
Thank you pal.


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Home shorts Caltex logo is too big on kit where the "T" is is where the logo should end in size.

Away Jersey, the light grey seems too light, it should be closer to the dark grey (see in pic)

GK jersey leaves lines on sleeves where the Orange starts ether side of Adidas Stripes


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RE: Adelaide United
Home Jersey and Away Jersey, can you add some blue on side so it lines up with shorts InGame and so it lines up with the Shirt Design ingame.

Jersey Sleeves TJM logo is way too big, like it needs to be almost 50% smaller.

GK sleeves, remove the bottom part like with MVFC,SFC,WPFC cos ill add it ingame so LS kits work.