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Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

The Muff

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Von Option File for PlayStation 3
Scroll to end of this post for pictures

Main Discussion thread: (Unless you're reading this on PESGaming in which case you're already here :D)

-All English and international transfers 100% complete

-All correct player names (including a lot of player name/back of shirt name fixes)

-All Prem and La Liga badges and kits (Including home, away, goalkeeper, name and number markings)

-Added missing players

-Added Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen, Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke 04

-All national team kits done with badges, kit sponsers and name and number markings

-All correct Prem, Ligue One, Serie A, La Liga and some other (Zenit, Sporting, Benfica, Ajax, PSV, Fenerbahce and more) player numbers

-All League and Stadium names corrected (Note: For the 'fake' stadiums, I renamed them after stadiums they resemble. Also, Master League's league names have been changed to England League, La Liga, Serie A and UEFA European Superliga. This is down to how I play my Master League. Remember to change those league names to suit how you set up your Master League)

-Fake/duplicate national team players removed

-Hundreds of appearance (builds and scans) accessory/boots/hairstyle changes

-Full Prem, Old Firm and England national team chants as well as a seperate Euro chants pack including chants for a bunch of the biggest European club sides

-V1.40 compatible

Note: Mistake pointing out/criticism/suggestions most definitely welcome. It makes the file better :)

Update 1 (V 1.01)

-Added Eidur Gudjohnsen (Barca) Maniche (Atletico Madrid) Ronaldo (Unbelonging/created) Nicky Shorey (Aston Villa) Fabio, Rafael (Manchester United) Mustapha Riga (Bolton) Robbie Fowler (Blackburn) and Danny (Zenit) (Stats modified from Football Manager 08)

-Added Stoke, Newcastle, Portsmouth, West Brom, West Ham and Fulham away goalkeeper kits to complete England League kits

-Added Wales international home and goalkeeper kits (No away kit done due to it not being released yet so I don’t know what it looks like)

-Updated missing transfers (Albert Baning - Grenoble and Leyti N'Diaye - Marseille, release Jaidi)

-Updated some minor appearance flaws, stats boosts, hair and boot changes and edited a few faces (Agbonlahor, Kerzahkov and others)

-Updated chants pack (Accidently left out Liverpool chant from 1st release, new England chant)


Update 2 (V1.02)

-Added Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen in place of WE United and PES United

-Added Rodrigo Possebon (Manchester United) Emiliano Insua, David N'Gog, Damien Plessis (Liverpool) Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) Tom Soares, Amdy Faye, Michael Tonge (Stoke City) Julian Gray (Fulham) Diego Tristan (West Ham) Glenn Loovens (Celtic) Nuri Sahin (Turkey) Diego Milito (Genoa) Gianni Zuiverloon (West Brom) Julio Santa Cruz (Blackburn Rovers) and Kamil Zayatte (Hull City)

-Updated Blackburn away kit. Changed it from the red and black 3rd kit to the blue with stripes away kit. See pictures

-Made some minor colour adjustments to a few kits

-Added Gai Assulin from Israel squad to Barcelona

-Updated some players appearances, hairstyles, boots


Update 3 (V1.03)

-Added missing players Manucho, Darron Gibson (Manchester United) Scott Sinclair (Chelsea) Jerome Thomas, Nadir Belhadj (Pompey) Sergi Busquets, Victor Sanchez, Pedrito (Barcelona) Glauber (Manchester City) Sebastien Bassong (Newcastle) Cesar Sanchez (Spurs) Tyrone Mears (Marseille) Kader Mangane (Rennes) Marcelo Estigarribia (Le Mans) Mathieu Berson (Toulouse) Yohan Mollo (Monaco) Madjid Bougherra (Rangers)

-Multiple faces creations and scans (including Carlos Vela, Torsten Frings, Vincent Kompany, Miroslav Klose, Mark van Bommel, Amr Zaki and loads more)

-Added new completed Wales away kit, tweaked Aston Villa home and away shirt sponser and updated Russia shirt logo and markings

- Missing transfers fixed (Segunda Castillo – Everton, Maurice Edu – Rangers)

-Tons of player hair, accessory, shirt name and boot updates/fixes


Update 4 (V1.04)

- Now V1.20 compatible (including
4 new Spanish licences, 3rd kits in Champions League, 100's of players added to the game, new boots etc)

-V1.20 fixes including Fellaini to Everton, Bendtner's face, fixed fake international players, added missing players such as Kevin Boateng, Adel Taarabt, Sergi Busquets, Massimo Oddo, Keith Andrews and more etc

- Added all missing international kits (Chile, Hungary, Costa Rica, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Ecuador, Poland, Peru, Israel, Ukraine and Thailand) Every club and international team in the game now has a fully licensed kit

- Added new West Ham away kit, modified Chelsea and Spurs GK kits and tweaked Everton kit logos

- Fixed remaining incorrect international names. Replaced a lot of created players with unlocked versions. Also unlocked most currently active hidden players including Bundesliga players

- Bunch of hair, boots, accessory etc updates


Update 5 (V1.05)

- Added Schalke 04 and Bayer Leverkusen to League B teams

- Added missing players Tristan (West Ham) Dervitte, Bostock (Tottenham) Juanfran (AEK) Mantzios, Gabriel, Souza, Tzorvas (Panathinaikos) Puygrenier (Zenit) and Lulinha, as well as the missing Schalke and Leverkusen players

- Added new Everton, Bolton and Bayern Munich away kits

- Tweaked Mexico home, away, GK and Wigan away kits

- New face scans, tweaked face scans, mulitple appearance fixes (face, accessories, hair, boots etc)

- Unlocked the rest of the still active hidden players (Robert, Sverkos, Paloschi, Tavano, Andrade etc)


Update 6 (V1.06)

- Added Daniel Pacheco (Liverpool) and Eyong Enoh (Ajax)

- Added new West Ham home, away and goalkeeper kits

- Added 2nd Newcastle goalkeeper kit as well as a few kit tweaks

- New transfers including Sverkos, Donovan and more

- Minor changes to a few face scans

- Loads of face, hair, boot and accessory changes

- INCLUDED MY PERSONAL SYSTEM DATA IN DOWNLOAD. Not everybody will want to use this but I have had a lot of requests to include it


Update 7 (V2.0 BETA)

- All January transfer window deals up to date as of 18/01/09

- Added Josico (Fenerbahce)

- Added new Valencia home, away and GK kits

- Tweaked a few kits

- Updated major international squads (England, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and more)

- New Nikola Zigic and Ronaldo face scans

- Loads of face, hair, boot and accessory changes


Update 8 (V2.0 FULL RELEASE)

- All English and most international transfers up to date as of the end of the January transfer window

- Added Giles Barnes (Fulham) Ben Watson (Wigan) Jay Simpson (West Brom/Arsenal) Mark Davies (Bolton) Savio Nsereko (West Ham) and Dani Parejo (Real Madrid)

- Updated French national team

- More face, hair, boot and accessory changes


Update 9 (V2.01)

- File now compatible with Konami's 1.30 January Update (so all January transfers, over 200+ new players and some minor fixes)

- Fixed all messed around data from installing update (All FAKE players removed, German teams fixed, missing transfers done etc)

- Added Eidur 'Konami Hate Me' Gudjohnsen, Victor Vasquez, Alberto Botia (Barca) Thiago Silva (Milan) Daniel Pacheco (Liverpool) KP Boateng, Dorian Dervite, John Bostock (Spurs) Lulinha and Gustavo Varela

- Minor international squad updates (retired players removed, some newer players added)

- More face, boot, hair and accesory changes


Update 10 (V2.02)

- File now compatible with Konami's 1.40 England Update (new England home kit and players)

- Fixed all messed around data from installing update (All FAKE players removed, German teams fixed, missing transfers done etc)

- Major international squad updates (including England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Holland and more)


Update 11 (V2.03)

- Added Federico Macheda (Manchester United) Niall McGinn (Celtic) and Keirrison (Brazil) to the game (Note: I created Keirrison over Marcos Assuncao in the classic players list and placed him in the Brazilian national team in place of the inactive Adriano so that everybody has access to him and not just people that have unlocked classic players)

- Added new Russia (home and away) Ukraine (home and away) South Africa, Costa Rica (home and away) Poland (home and away) and Columbia kits

- Overhauled Bayer Leverkusen home, away and goalkeeper shirts as well as adding a new GK kit and overhauled Bayern Munich's away shirt

- Added face scans for Rafael and Fabio Da Silva (Man Utd) Glen Johnson (Pompey) Nicklas Bendtner, Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) Carlos Cuellar (Villa) Christopher Samba (Blackburn) Dirk Marcellis, Timmy Simons (PSV) and Thomas Vermaelen (Ajax)

- Uploaded seperate Euro Chants pack including Milan, Barca, Real, Inter, PSV, Bayern and more

- Plenty of face, hair, boot and accessory changes


Update 12 (V2.04)

- Updated all 2009/2010 transfers as of 3rd September (Hesselink - Hull City)

- Added new kits for Arsenal (away), Aston Villa (away), Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea (away and GK) Everton, Fulham (home) Hull City, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Portsmouth, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, West Brom (Home) Wigan Athletic and Valencia

- Added Fabian Delph (Aston Villa)

- Hair, boot and accessory changes


(Note 1: Face 34 is supposed to be missing. This is where I save my face for BAL)

(Note 2: There are some modifications of previous files in this. When you are prompted to overwrite whilst copying files to your PS3, you should click yes to all of them)


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are prompted to save the option file just as the game loads up, click no. Then go into edit mode and load the data. THEN save the data right after. If you already clicked yes and saved at the start when prompted, you will have to copy the 'edit data' file from your flash drive again


Mike - For the base file to build on (PESFan)
heatuk10, trilogy, brownus, arsenald and JackWhoBRA - A lot of the English badges and sponsers (PESGaming)
shandogg - Most chants (PESFan)

1. Unzip file using Winzip or Winrar
2. Copy 'PS3' folder to your flashdrive
3. Insert flashdrive into PS3. Go to 'Saved Data Utility'. Now click 'USB Device'
4. Copy ALL files from flash drive to PS3

For chants:

1. Copy MUSIC folder to flash drive.
2. Go to music on PS3 and select USB device
3. Copy all chants over
4. Create a playlist entitled KONAMI_PES
5. Add all chants to playlist
6. Enter game, go to edit mode, edit team and cheering stance. You should find your chants here


The first link contains the entire latest version of the option file and the chants pack

UPDATE ONLY - These second set of links contain just the latest 'EDIT DATA' file and any new kits/face scans that may have been added to the file. ONLY USE THESE LINKS TO DOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE FULL PREVIOUS UPDATE (for example, if you downloaded the full version of 1.05, you can download the update only version of 1.06. If you don't have 1.05, you should download the full 1.06. This applies to all future updates)

Seperate European Club Chants Pack:

Previous files:














Registered User
Has this got any created players in it already? As with all the in-game transfers up-to-date a few squads are left short on resources.


Registered User

I created a team on my pes09 and i want to use your option file von option but will i then lose my created team of my previous option file edit date???



Registered User
Hi guys!

(sorry for my English,i'm french ;) )
This is some mistakes i've found in your OF :
_Ligue 1

Grenoble : Baning (non affiliate) ->ad #24

Marseille: Leyti N'Diaye (non affiliate)->ad #13


Registered User

I created a team on my pes09 and i want to use your option file von option but will i then lose my created team of my previous option file edit date???


yes you will its as simple as that. his edit data is different to your edit data.

but you can install his then start again, or save all your edit data to a USB and install his. then you can copy your data back over and whenever you want to use your team, delete his edit data. when you want his file back. put back on his edit data and delete yours. You cant have 2 edit datas at the same time.


Registered User
every option file wil have the user copy the images across
the only way it works, pain in it lol?!?!
more kits = more copying

not sure havent dabbled in chants yet..


Registered User
arsenald: if I take your OF with great PL teams, then my spanish teams wont get affected??? correct? the spanish kits are frpm Yokoblabla OF



Registered User
good first option file! all transfers have been done, all kits correct. No bundesliga yet. Good one! I only used the edit data file...all other files I ignored (like music files and uniform data files).


Registered User
thats correct robban:) ive only changed the team names and emblems thats all.

but you cant mix OF you can only have one or the other, then add the work manually over the other OF

leaon of you dont take the unform files you wont have the kits, the muff has done, only kit patterns


Registered User
the uniform represents the PNG files placed and positioning, dont take these your kits will be blank..


Registered User
but it´s the same procedure no matter the OF? folder PS3, then folder SAVEDATA - all files in there - copy one by one etc etc