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Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)


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has this optionfile got 09-10 kits coz what im seeing its still last seasons

come on dude look at the thread, its not hard to see that the last update of this option file was well before any 09-10 kits/transfers were released/done. u have to w8 for the next version.

Guiseppe Rossi

Registered User
Just want to start by saying cheers for the option file to the muff
i followed all the instructions as stated
i have never used an option file before and i downloaded version 2.03
did all the copying to ps3 etc then loaded the game up which said i needed konami 1.30 update
so i followed instructions went to in game settings and clicked download
which installed the latest update to the game ( the one with new england strip and player updates as of february )
then it asked to install it which i did
then it said save data, i clicked yes, it then asked overwrite data? i clicked yes
it went to 100% i clicked continue and my game crashed
it's now crashed 3 times, it just freezes?
can anyone explain to me what i have done wrong please?
sorry to be a nuisance but i'm completely illiterate when it comes to technology
and can't understand what i am doing wrong?

I followed your instructions about the chants and and adding my own songs to the konami_pes playlist and all thats working perfectly but for some reason the editing hasn't worked and the teams are still called north london, west midlands village and middlebrook etc

please help :-((


Registered User
From the first page mate : (After completed Download in-game)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are prompted to save the option file just as the game loads up, click no. Then go into edit mode and load the data. THEN save the data right after. If you already clicked yes and saved at the start when prompted, you will have to copy the 'edit data' file from your flash drive again

Guiseppe Rossi

Registered User
My Bad

Sorry it turns out the reason it kept freezing and crashing was because of a mp3 i imported into konami_pes playlist
i've took said song out now and everythings running fine
great option file by the way


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Does anyone know of an option file with all the latest EPL teams, Kits and transfers? Can't really be arsed to buy PES 2010 if I can just update PES2009


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where is muff

please muff let us know your there, its been weeks since your last post and if your not doing a new option file my world crash around me.


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Don't worry guys Im sure Muff is here he is just too busy creating the latest update which should be out VERY SOON. :w00t


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i dont think muff will bother... we have 2 months until the new game... personally i woundn't if i was a genious at make these files


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Haven't been on here in ages, felt like updating and starting a new Master League.
You said in the last few days of July that you woule be uploading an updated OF in a week or so and were nearing over 4 weeks since you said that and we've heard nothing.

Any chance of you updating us on when the new update is due?

We all appreciate what your doing but even a BETA upload would be great.



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hey dude great file but can you do it with a completed croatian league with 16 teams

Thanks please reply with an answer

ha ha theres no way anyone is gonna do a croatian league unless there from croatia, its simply not popular enough hence why u r the only one asking for it. You really think the guy will spend weeks doin that just for you?


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Yo Muff, i heard from you in ages. I was just wondering are you going to release a new update soon as you mentioned quite a while ago. If so, when are you thinking of releasing it?