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What are you currently playing?

Finished the main campaign in Shovel Knight. Great little title, can't remember where I gave up when playing in PS4, but blitzed through SHovel Knights campaign in just under 5 hours on my Switch.

Still got the Spectre Knight and Plague Knight campaigns to play, plus the upcoming King Knight campaign at the end of the year. Great little platformer which is well worth the price of entry.
[MENTION=180348]Ali[/MENTION] Some decent stuff there you fag. Photomode is a great addition to PS4 games.

Mostly been playing a Mix of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which is just fantastic online and offline and Puyo Puyo Tetris. Both pick up and play titles with the whole "one more go" addictive nature. The story mode on the latter is great with plenty of challenges and throwing all sorts of game modes at you.

Also started I am Setsuna. Very much a classic JRPG style. Good stuff so far.
I need to stop buying games. Sold some faggot shit friday and put £30 in to my eshop and bought the 1st 2nd and 4th titles in the image below

Wonder Boy is amazing, lovely visuals and a great soundtrack but at £18 I expected it to last me much longer than 4 hours :/

The second title is a faggy rhythm game, already finished it on easy and normal mode in an hour or so, Hard and Lethal modes are still to come...


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Because i've never played it and assumed it would be longer, especially because of the near £20 price tag.

Well older games were generally quite short, I suppose. The lack of save features meant you had to pretty much finish them in one sitting.
Talking about older games, I went back to Blaster Master Zero (a remake of the NES game) and it's really kicking my ass in world 7 (of 9). Disgusting stealth mechanics :mad:
Disgaea 5 Complete

Probably the longest I've played a Disgaea game for (5 hours). Rather enjoying it, but there are so many systems involved in the background with different things being levelled all the time, loads of different stats that i have no idea what that means etc... All rather confusing. The story can be finished in 40 hours apparently but postgame stuff involving said confusing systems can last hundreds of hours. If anything, I'll just finish the main story


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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Finally made the transition from Killzone to COD, enjoying it. But took a while. Still miss the classes from Killzone that encouraged collaborative game play but no doubting COD is meant to be faster paced than that.


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I'm playing Prey and indie shit:

Q.U.B.E (first person puzzler)
Lara Croft Go
Knee Deep


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Started..and finished The Order 1886. I was enjoying it, despite a couple annoyances, then it abruptly ended. Main things I disliked were extremely slow walking sections (which I assume are there either to make you appreciate the graphics or just to pad out the length) and the bizarre chapter lengths. Gunplay was satifsying (against humans not the lycans), story & characters interesting, graphics obviously fantastic. Then it came to a screeching halt about 70% through of a normal length game and ended. Only one narrative wrapped up when there was 3 more to be concluded. And will never will be concluded.


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As Haribo says, the gunplay is fun.... there just isn't enough of it. It is a shame it didn't get a sequel. Could've been an AssCreed --> AssCreed 2 type jump in quality.


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This weekend I completed:


Would recommend this to anyone looking for a good sci fi game. Enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Was tough in the beginning, but became a lot more enjoyable once I started unlocking more abilities. Decided to go for mainly human abilities, with a few alien (aka typhon) abilities. If I decided to go for the platinum trophy, I'd have to do a playthrough without any abilities, which sounds pretty tough.

Yesterday Origins

Decent point and click style game. Worth a punt for any fans of the genre.
Glad to hear you enjoyed Prey. It's a title I'll try to check out at some point.

Started Viewtiful Joe over the weekend. Just a blast to play. 2D beat em up action with plenty of gimmicks. Great visuals, soundtrack and attitude.