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What games are you waiting for?


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there was a WWI game advertised in the 360 mag a while back, this would be something different. i wouldn't mind seeing this if they get the tension of the trenches and going over the top. has anyone else seen info on this?

Eric Clyde

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Low on money just now with so many games I want but I have pre-ordered Mirror's Edge.

I probably won't be buying much else since Christmas is approaching and I have to be unselfish. :(


The Three Amigos
Mortal Kombat vs DC (Xbox 360)
Possibly the best Fatality EVER?

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Mr Lover Man
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I've been without my ps3 for a month or so, therefore I'm looking forward to PES 2009, COD4 and GTA IV when I get it back this weekend.


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silent hill 5
resident evil 5
chronicles of riddick escape from butchers bay
street fighter 4
aliens colonial marines
l o t r conquest
ghost busters
cod 5 modern warfare 2
Alan wake( when ever it comes out)