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What TV?


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LiamK said:
Make that immature, spoilt wanker.

Here's my TV, Ash.

All yours for £900.

Sure, it's not the greatest one you'll ever see, but you can give me the £900 and at least it will inform everyone one this forum that you are loaded, as clearly you do want everyone to know. For all we know, this could all be a front and you're not rich, so prove it. Agree the deal, I'll send you my address and you send a cheque to me then I'll take a picture to prove to the forum exactly how rich you are, then I'll send the TV.

You have the same TV as me :laugh: . Is it the one with a button on the side that you have to press to start?
Its a damn heavy Tv,that for sure :tongue:


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Yeah, that's the one!

Daft place for a button, normally I just turn it on and off with the remote so I don't use that button at all.

Heavy, but good :)


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tom pain said:
Close, but it isn't that colour, also it isn't very sunny all the time. Also the cars are wrong, no Mercs, BMW's and Bentley's in the picture.

tom pain

Sent Off<br><img src="http://.pesins
Uchiha Itachi said:
very likely, i have seen his name on many forums.

Yeah I saw one on '' and on '' :tongue: :tongue:


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LOL! Just brings back memories. Have all you guys started earning proper money now? i.e. moving out of parents house, buying a HDTV for XBox360 etc....