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What's the name of your ML team?


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Initially, i had taken over the default of 'PES United' for my master league team of original (default) players. After playing with it for a few games and due to losses on pitch and stagnancy on funds, i imagined :)D) the club being sold and bought out by Acer. Now the team name is 'Acer United FC'.

Next step is probably a merger with some airliner company to have their logo in the shirt. The name is a hot probable to change again soon. hehe.

And as a mega-drive scheme to guide the down trodden team (that is this same team) and instill some much needed support and confidence as they ranked near the bottom of the league of Division 2 in the first season itself, Acer lets loose huge amounts (all they had in the bank) to get three youth super talents in Pato, Messi and Giovinco on loan.

Jersey color soon to change to white with green stripes and black shorts.
Home Ground - Wembley.

p.s. this game rocks... :)
and you can read about the loaning of the players here...
and this is on top player (not related to the name but still...)

Red Owl

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Hopeful United

Blue and White striped shirt

Orange away kit

It's the team I captain in real life in a kind of annual tournament between a group of people I know (three time winners under me!) so I've based it on them.


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Plymouth City.

Have used them in the last 4 PES, although the less said about 08 the better ;)

Sponsored by Fly Emirates and kits by Nike.


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FCB Juniors

Adidas make & sponsor



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My master league team are called Port vale after the team I support.I've also had one called FC Clayton cus Clayton is where I live.


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lol nice name..mine's alway's been fc tony since pro evo 3...

home gk

away kit

away gk

I know there shitty kit's hey i don't care....


I'm using PES United, but I changed the name to Partizan Esprzna Sparta. My home kit is gold and white halves with white shorts; away kit is a very deep green - almost black - with dark red trimming and dark red socks. The home stadium is Mohamed Lewis Stadium. Shirt make is Umbro and sponsor is HMV.


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"Emeterio's" local is the 98 Italian uniform, away is Cameroon hehehe :D

I have no sponsors on the jersey, I'm thinking Puma jajaja.