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  • Now post a vid of you completing the sewer section, without being spotted, on grounded, killing every enemy.... I might be impressed then. ;)
    The Japanese tracks? Yes. So it makes 30 unique tracks with them all in reverse too.
    This was their plan all along, delay the Plus version so people buy the full game!
    Fifa15 is fixed Ronaldo can not miss Real Madrid can not miss I do not know how many times I have come close to scoring with Fc Barcelona and next thing I know is that Bail Benzame and Ronaldo are hanging about the halfway line for the quick break countrer charge then next thing you know it does not matter how hard you hit speed burst to catch them our leave your keeper where he is our bring him out Ronaldo just to strong
    Hi, I'm just wondering if I can continue the PES 2015 MLS thread. I think that the author is not going to continue
    What I am saying is make it harder for these people that use Ronaldo all the time make it harder for Christina Ronaldo to score take him down a level and I want to see if these people stick it and see how often they quit out when they are getting beat all the time
    Hello once again is EA our KONAMI going to make the game fair next year I noticed this in both PES and FIFA pes2012 pes2013 fifa14 Christina Ronaldo shooting 99 shot power 99 BELIVE me this is making the game unfair even his Running is away up to 99 even when you drop your defenders back Christina Ronaldo just runs throw players and is header accuracy is a joke to on both fifa and pes come on the pair off you get it sorted you only need to look back at my results and it's only Christina Ronaldo that is scoring in to me all the time
    Hello pes gamers pes15 looks amazing does it play amazing it will come out in November likely and by the time I iain73 have got the hang the game again it be June 2015 as usually lol
    When is pes going to have a fair competition no chopping players from behind if it's the last min the game I think that pes should make pes15 that you can play the advantage and if you do not score a goal the play gets pulled back and when your opponent gets his our her man our woman sent off when they are either going to take centre our a free kick then we would see the really good players on pes15
    Plus I have also noticed on fifa and pes lately if a player is clean throw on Goal! With only the keeper to beat why is there no red card and advantage played when chopped our halved from behind?
    Again a lot you disagree with me JESUS if I done that standing in Goals I would be OFF!
    I have to say fifa14 Is unfair just give the ball to Ronaldo on fifa14 I think EA I know he is 1 the best players in the world yes but you also have other players like Messi if Ronaldo shooting is 99 so should Messi be to to make both pes and fifa games more fairer I lot you probably disagree with me tho
    they slide him back to left back. Ronaldo is going to melt Geoff Cameron into the grass
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