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    To the complainers, take a look at this...

    For me, bottom line is, I am having way more fun with the pre patched version, the first game I played was enjoyable, won 1 nil with benfica over manchester city on top player, for the first time since a long time I felt like I could play proper defense, on patched version the script was...
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    Need help regarding PES11 online

    How about pc??? I am thinking about going back to 11, so I got make sure there is still people playing it online before buying it again...
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    crossing needs to be patched!!

    Assisted pass/cross bar at four + close control when crossing and you have yourself a noob way to score, just like last years low cross BS !
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    For those with the game It happened again lol ! One thing that I noticed is that Balotelli was the opponent who shot the ball on both videos, weird...
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    PES 2012 Negativity thread

    Does anyone have a problem using the right stick to switch to players on defense??? it seems a bit random for me, sometimes works fine but sometimes dont, especially when the CPU has a winger and he is about to cross, I try to switch to my CB in the box to position him in front of the striker or...
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    For those with the game

    Take a look at this:
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    PES 2012 Negativity thread

    Forget about the R2+x defense, most of the time I hold up play without using R2+x combination, dont forget that you can still hold up play only using the left stick, I played five games(Rangers x Manchester city) against the CPU on superstar level today and managed to keep a clean sheet on three...
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    Power level is messed up

    If you really wanna make the most out of the off the ball movement and carve up some nice passes you have to use the manual pass, it is difficult to get the hang of it, but, once you get it you wonder how could you live without it lol !!!!!
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    PES 2012 Negativity thread

    :kanyeshrug: Why so serious son ????? lets put a smile on that face. :lmao:
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    PES 2012 Negativity thread

    There is no way cheaters disconnect on you and you end up with a default loss mate, perharps your connnection is the problem? Still online cheaters suck big time, I was reading someone elses post and the dude was saying that even if you are not the one who disconnect your connection ratio go...
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    Mixed feelings

    I understand you mate, I have downloaded the game at tpb to see the difference from the demos, and make my mind about buying it or not, sometimes the frustration is just too much but other times is beautiful to watch a replay of your team moving around the pitch and ending up scoring, I guess...
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    Disable AI-pressing

    I found out that lowering the pressure and also sliding the compactness bar to wide will make the players that you are not in control chill out a bit however they will still come double team the ball from time to time.
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    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    The more I play the more it feels like FIFA, I might write an e-mail to 2k sports begging them to get in the soccer game market lol, if you played EA Sports Nba Live garbage and the 2k Sports Nba game you would know what I am talking about, such a steep learning curve, so rewarding if you know...
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    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    Dribbling is way to responsive, I played Porto x Napoli and Lavezzi was some kind of Adriano from 06 mixed with Arshavin in 2011 game, so unreal, the speed merchant card is way to powerful, Konami should at least create a new card like super defender or something like that to compensate. the...
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    Latest player ratings

    They need to change Arshavins stats, he is like Messi with form 8 lol completely overrated !!!!!!!