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  1. hitmanuk2k

    Happy 10th Birthday, PESGaming

    10 years? Is that it? Feels like a lifetime ago. The real "birthday" was probably about 9 months earlier with
  2. hitmanuk2k

    New Admin - Joel

    I see 4 ads... 1 at the top, 2 in the side and 1 in the footer. Apologies to anyone who bought the "lifetime" Elite from me and then clearly hasn't had "lifetime" Eliteness. p.s. Does anyone of any importance actually still play PES?
  3. hitmanuk2k

    New Admin - Joel

    Does Matt Holme even visit the site? Anyway... I quite like that the Admin team compromises members from pre-2005 only. A wise selection. p.s. Does my old "elite" program even still exist? I see the badge... but I also see ads :|
  4. hitmanuk2k

    Thread size - my 2 cents

    Well actually Sweey TECHNICALLY speaking... a thread with 10 posts takes up more resources than 10 threads with 1 post each. More processing resources at least. I doubt the site is short of server space, but when it comes to database processing having a thread which has 1000 posts loaded takes...
  5. hitmanuk2k

    Fifa 09 How the frig do you embed.
  6. hitmanuk2k

    Seabass The Cock

    Yes it is stupid - but you could have put your point across better.
  7. hitmanuk2k

    PES takes first spot - outsells FIFA!

    He is talking about the fact is it was FIFA which was released 3 weeks after Pro Evolution, that FIFA would take the top spot in the week of it's release, given Pro Evo had already been bought for those who wanted it. Pro Evo out-selling FIFA this week is surely not news-worthy? Just obvious...
  8. hitmanuk2k

    Changing Controls

    If the left analog stick does skills, how can you also move players with it? I am confused by the setup...
  9. hitmanuk2k

    Changing Controls

    Hang on, are you saying that you can't play with the left analog stick? Or are we talking about the left and right triggers?
  10. hitmanuk2k


    Everything has been backward since WE6FE in my opinion.
  11. hitmanuk2k


    The reason FIFA is being discussed at length around here is probably because most of what I would describe as old guard PES fans have pretty much moved over to play FIFA this year. It's probably a combination of FIFA 09 being a great game, and PES being pretty much in reverse for the past 5...
  12. hitmanuk2k

    Cannot do this on Fifa

    Bit of a shit goal really. Not exactly any skill involved anyway. You can do things in FIFA you can't do in Pro Evo, and you can do things in Pro Evo you can't do in FIFA. Yes, I think we all can work that one out for ourselves.
  13. hitmanuk2k

    FIFA 09 - who plays online?

    I don't play Be A Pro but I do play online. XBox: pesgaming
  14. hitmanuk2k

    I cant believe im saying this

    I'm a huge PES fan, probably one of the biggest - after all I made a website dedicated to the game all those years ago. But it just doesn't do it for me anymore. It's a game which has been stuck with the hand brake on for the past 3 years, while FIFA has been in 5th gear. This year, FIFA 09 is...