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    PES 2017 Player Movement Direction using Left Stick

    When a player dribble the ball, it seems that the player movement direction even when using left stick is locked to just 8 or 16 direction. It's as if still using DPAD. However, when not dribbling the ball, the movement becomes true 360 degrees. I'm playing PES 2017 PC Steam version. Does...
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    Death of dribbling

    If you've become to used to dribbling mechanics in 2009, of course the 2010 will be so difficult for you. It's enough to frustrate me for days. However, there's one thing about 2010 dribbling: `you should pay attention to the players feet`. In 2009, whenever i want to change direction it...
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    Oh my god why is no one talking about BAL in 2010??

    The BAL in 2010 has been improved. I've played it (but still training match T_T) and the AI is great, they love to pass, initiate 1-2, and initiate counter attack. If you've played BAL in 2009, the AI hates to pass to you if you're not that skilled even if you press RTx2. But in 2010, if you...
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    BAL in pes2010 is awesome. I've played BAL in pes2009, and a bit dissappointed with the way the AI plays. But in 2010, it's a GREAT improvement. Although I'm the weakest (rated 55) player in my team (Pompy), the teammates AI is sure love to pass. I love running forward to spaces and hates...
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    Pes Legend Editor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

    There are OL for PS3 that's transfered using MaxDrive or something. So, the possibility is still there, I think. I don't own any consoles either.
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    Pes Legend Editor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

    Console games are read-only games. It means these games core data is in the Blu-Ray/DVD which is read-only. PC games on the other hand are installed to the hard disk. The core game data then is accessible and writable (changeable). In order to make a complete editor, the core data needs to be...
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    Pes Legend Editor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

    Nice editor. The interface is great. Will you make it so condition stats can be edited too? That would be great.
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    Become A Legend FAQ's

    If you empty your stamina too often, your stamina skill will improve faster. Good if your strengthen point for stamina is only 1.
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    BAL Nationality question

    Indeed there're qualifying rounds. Don't worry, if PES don't warn you about your nationality then, definitely you'll get called someday provided that you're good enough to play for your national team. Get a consistently good rating when playing!
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    Pes Legend Editor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

    This editor is very useful if you want to get a good agility for your player. But it can't change any weak foot stats. I've looked at and compared two BAL save files in hex to see where the stat is stored but I have no idea about the file structure. Anybody knows the email address of the maker...
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    GK cursor.

    I don't find it too. Its too bad that it's removed. When playing against human opponent, i love to guess where my friend's striker is going to move. Also, people usually has tendencies in aiming at a certain spot when on a certain position in shooting. Manually move the gk improve survival...
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    The next big improvement: Directions

    The "manual" setting = "semi-assisted" in pes 09. Semi-assisted means you're only assisted in changing cursor on attack, whereas unassisted means you don't get assistance in cursor changing while on attack nor defend.
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    BAL starting stats?

    Your starting position (dmf, amf, cf, etc) determines your initial stat a lot. Wingers (smf, wf) usually results in fast player even if he is big. Your rating in the scout match determines what teams will want to sign you. If you notice, in the "check formation" screen when you're in the scout...
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    Desperately need HELP!!!

    Try to learn to make a good formation. A good formation can make up for a limited skill. If you lose often, use defensive-counter formation for a starter. For example, 4-4-2 with SB, CB, 2 DMF, 2 AMF, 2 CF. Learn about the formation, that is the key. Formation+tactics+strategy is god. I can't...