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C***sboro Creek Gang (PS3)


No, because there was only 3 of us. To be fair it got interesting when more people came on, but they all had better weapons and to be honest I was brutally raped.

Their weapons were infinitely better. The first one had a rapid-fire pistol though getting on my horse and charging him with my shotgun often worked. It was fun for the most part but more of us need to be on.


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Got the game yesterday, but as I see the multi-player part has committed suicide. I don't think I could pry myself away from single player anyway though. I'm sure this could pick up again near the end of the summer, so I shall be waiting.
Just saw the trophies available for co-op my personal fave is, "2 guys 1 co-op" obviously a play on that famous internet video lol.


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Dale you're a gash mountain. Not only for doing that, but posting for posting about it in this thread.

Sadly the Cuntsboro' Creek Gang seems to have died, for reasons already discussed. Hopefully Rockstar have taken on board the widespread criticism of Free Roam and will attempt to rectify it in future DLC.


Cat O' War!!
We can't let it die guys!!! come on!!
We need to go to the gang matches and show everyone else we alive and fighting!!
We need to stop doing stupid shit like jumping off cliffs and shit like that, the fun is not there guys......
Long life to the Cuntsboro posse!!!!


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Does nobody play this anymore or what then? It's only a few weeks old and seems like no one gives a shit already??
I've gotten 100% in single player and the multiplayer still blows at the moment, so i won't be playing it again any time soon, until new SIngle Player DLC comes out.


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What's so shit about the multiplayer then? I only went on it once and found it boring because there was no one I knew online.
Tried to play the new DLC but it's got a shitload of bugs and glitches.

Yeah there is really bad lag when it comes to enemies moving, so you could shoot exactly where they are, but the shot wont register because they're not actually there.......shocking. Stick to offline DLC rockstar, please!!!


Witchfinder General

Rumours of the break up and demise of the Cuntsboro Creek Gang seem greatly exaggerated.

Some have departed. 'Handsome' Dan Clifton is missing, presumed dead, last seen partaking in high-stakes poker games down in Wankton. Rab 'Mullet' Taylor went back to Scotland and was tragically killed in the First World War. Timmy 'The Mick' O'Rourke was executed for his part in the Easter Rising. Nathaniel 'Sully' Sullivan contracted tuberculosis and is believed terminal. 'Steady' Dave McLintock was tracked down and brutally dispatched by the sons of Nick 'The Slasher' McGuirk. Miguel 'Miggy' Santiago Ramirez fled back over the border after murdering three missionaries in cold blood. His current whereabouts are unknown, though he has been spotted colluding with known revolutionary and one-time associate Pancho Villa.

The rest are believed active. Virgil Barndoor has resurfaced down Texas way and has put out the call. The question is, how many of his old boys will answer?