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C***sboro Creek Gang (PS3)


Frank Sweey was violated by his horse and left for dead in the desert, unable to walk properly due to the soreness of his arse. He may die out there, never to meet up again with his former comrades.


Witchfinder General
Apologies for leaving abruptly, but I thought it was a decent laugh. It'll be better next week if we can get more people on and take part in a game with other players. Also I need dynamite, and someone needs to get the bison mount.


Perhaps we could do some co-op missions next time? I tried some with Bammers which looked decent but with only two of us playing we got annihilated. I remember the mission we did back in the old days where we had to push the cart along was good fun. Also, it could be a good way of levelling up.

I don't know if they had it before but I liked the fact that all the tomahawks Barn threw at me stayed in me when Barn failed to finish me off. The shootout with Mak was good fun too but I'm sure he'll disagree.


Registered User
I think we need to synchronize the jumping off the bridge, so we all do it at the same time. Could be lolz if we were in a shootout with another posse and then we all just jumped off the bridge. They wouldn't know what's hit them!

Anyway, I think we should go and find a free roam, where there are other posses next time, as then you can do the 'capture the building'-type games.


Super Moderator
I should really start playing. :facepalm:

I take it you can jump right into online (from a main menu)? As opposed to GTA IV where you had to access it via the mobile phone.


Yes, on the main menu there is a "multiplayer" option. Would be great if we could take over that fort again and defend it against other posses with the cannons.