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Master League

Dale C.

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Exactly the same as last year mate. No actual money, shitty points again. Fuck kniws why they can;t tweak this. What is the big deal??, How hard can it be??

4 top divisions of 20 teams and a division 2 made up of 16 teams.

they must need the licence off the government to use their currency


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they must need the licence off the government to use their currency

They would need to change it depending on its released zone, eg $ in US/Can/Aus, € in the eurozone, £ in the UK etc etc. Its really not that necessary, you cant still tell whats what with PESpoints. However more leagues in the format is a must imo, and they really missed a trick there with only 4 leagues still.


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They would need to change it depending on its released zone, eg $ in US/Can/Aus, € in the eurozone, £ in the UK etc etc. Its really not that necessary, you cant still tell whats what with PESpoints. However more leagues in the format is a must imo, and they really missed a trick there with only 4 leagues still.

Well you cant really tell how much you have with pespoints....

In all fairness thier system works to a degree... but when you want the game to be the best football simulation out there, then i guess you could at least change it to be more " life-like "...

For instance, you buy a player of decent quality for 20,000? No, it should be £20,000,000... its not hard to add a £ and 3 extra 0's on the end... plus the player wages are like 1,200... no, it should be £120,000pw or whatever...

I do think they lack knowledge when creating the ML... i think, because of the ML being the same, im gonna leave this years PES....I dont want to spend £30 just to be dissapointed Again...


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Seriously stfu. Master league is the major gameplay component of the game. Cutting it out would be suicide for Konami's franchise. If you cant learn to play and manage a team thats your fault not the games. Its FOOTBALL not frikin formula one where the rules change every year.

So what are you suggesting? Playing the same shit over & over again, every time new PES is released? Wanna play ML? Do it on a PES5 or play Manager! There's absolutely no need for this ridiculous mode in every PES installment!


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I see your point but doing it every year just doesn't make any sense to me.

What like a team playing in the same league every year makes no sense to you? Thats like saying "OMG the buttons are the same as last year, how lame!" or "This sux, its the same teams again!" or how about "PFFF the same coutries as last year pathetic!".

If all you do is play exibition matches, thats fine but to say that a CORE mode of PES gameplay should be scrapped because its in it every year is moronic. And yes I DO play the ML with the same team EVERY YEAR. Thats part of the fun, taking a team of dross and turning them in to the best team in Europe bar none, thanks to good signings and playing well in games.

If ML was so crap it would have been dropped years ago, now its a crucial part of the konami franchise. If they pulled it how many people would still buy the game? If all you have was exibition mode, wtf would be the point of playing on your own? Adding in more game modes is a nice idea, but cutting out critical modes is not.


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I'm AC in my ML & Pato is sheer class, signed Anderson from Man Utd & Garay from Real Madrid on loans till the end of my 1st season.
Also signed a couple of youth players on free transfers - Gambino & Nachiento (cant think of the spelling just now) as i'll need to start planning the team when i need to get rid of the old guard.
Just 2 games to go until the end of the 1st season, im 1st by 2 points in D2 so will hopefully win the league & sign some good players in pre season.
Aguero is a priority for me & maybe a couple of wingers as my team is a bit narrow at the moment.


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Third season with dynamo kiev, in third position in league, i have signed some exciting youngsters have some great talent at the club already such as yussuf, aliyef and ninkovic, i have also signed....

Matavz from groningen
Males from zagrab
Ninkov from RS Belgrade
Taison from internacional

I am doing a European super league with kiev, so for example the top Portuguese, Russian, dutch, French etc.


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I think pes points or currency is not so important instead how you are going to develop a team and bring them to the top is more interesting.

Besides if konami can come out with ML with currency i think ll be good enough.

Leave it on next title lol.


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I like ML but would love it if two things happened. The first is if they added more leagues or gave us the option to have more. This means we could make more with the editor or if during installation we could choose how big of an installation we wanted (small maybe the 4 licensed ones, medium being what there is now, and large with like 13 leagues). That way they could implement the real (or at least more similar) Champions League into the ML.

The second and most important is computer generated youth players that come up through your system instead of this reincarnation crap. All other sports games have a 'franchise' mode when you draft computer generated players, and they've to the point where the results and demographics are fairly realistic. I know it's much more complicated for football than for American sports, but I feel like at this point in time there's no excuse since the technology is clearly there and I don't think it would take too much extra programming. I'd just ask that it wouldn't be crappy, that the players would have tendencies according to their nationalities and would have a style of play similar to their nationality or club team (ie in general the Brazilians dribble better and are more creative than the English) as well as the calibre of player (ie there are more good Argentines that come up through the system than Americans).

Will this ever happen or am I dreaming?


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it does make sense

I see your point but doing it every year just doesn't make any sense to me.

It is not the same!! Every year you play the ML with refined and improved gameplay, graphics, rosters, etc...

When playing on my own this is the only mode I play. I don't like the exhibition and cup modes. The enjoyment in ML is creating formations, selecting the right player for the right position and trying to win games against the odds. As a result wins will depend mainly on your ability to create plays, find spaces and make killer passes. Also defending with poor stats player is challenging and makes the game interesting

Whenever I start playing a new PES/winning eleven release, I always start with ML on Top Level. That really brings the best in the game.


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Hehe, I'm getting slaughtered in division 2, I'm in 10th position right now with 3 wins 3 draws and 8 losses. I did manage to get Gambino and Nachiento, but I missed out on another good player named Walton who I really coulda used at the back. I also got Saivet, though he's not developping like he does in Football manager :(

Anyone else know of any good hidden gems? I'm looking for players that'll develop really quickly (like Vanden Borre in WE8).


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master league is ridiculously easy. i've finished my 3rd season and topped league with a 3-1 victory over utd, 4-0 victory over chelsea etc.

gunther is one of the best ML youths.. by 3rd season he has 96 body balance lol. get him and a decent cb and you're good to go at the back. for 10 seasons. i have kaiser, shaw, gunther, bianchi (konami ml youth), park chu young, audel, oreelano, rowland, kremer, hong yon nam, etc.

im dissapointed at how easy it is this year. my first season was BRILLIANT in D2.. i just about got a respectable finish (no promotion) and i thought this would be a great longterm ML. then i got promoted on the last day in my 2nd season. however, as soon as i got to the first division with a bit of reputation and a decent squad, no one was that hard to beat. teams aren't ruthless infront of goal and the same tricks can get you goals. whats really dissapointing is the AI doesn't use its player to their fullest capabilities e.g. ronaldo in 3rd season is a GOD (99 attack, looooads of reds) yet the computer doesnt use him very well. its annoying how easy it is to beat your man... 2 quick direction changes and any lb/rb is beaten. cutbacks are still the easiest way to score goals. people talk about fifa throughball but cutbacks are just as bad for PES (lol not that the computer uses them very well ;D)

Wolves 2008

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i'm real madrid with the default players. in my 1st season i signed a winger called gambino and a forward called cho jin wha.i got di maria on loan as well.with 4 games left, di maria went back to benfica and i was in 3rd. but without him my team was shit. i ended up finishing 5th at the end of the season. at the start of my 2nd season then, i signed a defender called leo who has good pace. i also signed andy keogh and im top of the table after playing 5 games