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PES 2012 Licenses


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i'm kinda surprised they didn't add any japanese teams in the past - after all they are konami, a japanese company as well as having some rising stars.
I'm also surprised they added the copa libertados and not the afc champions league is that is kinda japanese


Am I the only one who'd love to see different leagues licensed? I'd really like to see the likes of the J-League, MLS, etc. Of course we'd all of course like to see the major leagues licensed, that's a given, but it's obviously not possible, however the less watched league's worldwide 'may' be easier to secure - and not just that, it'd keep things refreshing I think as far as random matches, and the Master League roster would be etc.

I think most important though, would be to give us many extra 'spare' leagues, along with hundreds of emblem slots, thousands of sponsor and logo slots etc. We'd be able to create an immense number of leagues, all of which would then give off the illusion of being licensed. It would be brilliant.


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Would love the J-league Hunter, if it featured you can guarantee it would be perfectly replicated and its a realistic option. Imagine the extra players you could buy in Master league a lot of talented Japanese players coming through at the moment.

Can't wait for the bundesliga to return, although it won't be this year.


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Its surprises me year in year out that the J-League or MLS hasn't been added but I assume that it is too expensive, as with the Bundesliga, to have.


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I would prefer bundesliga over Eredivisie. I agree that getting J-League, MLS and the brazilian league would be awesome! Are the licenses for these leagues so hard to obtain?
Seriously, are you going to repeat that in every fucking thread you visit?

If you just used copy+paste it would go faster, as all you really do is to write that PES sucks in many different ways.

And I'm quite sure Seabass is a regular Einstein compared to a certain Ballack fan with a spelling disorder.

bullshit i excel in what i fucking do, i don't code monkey games for life!!


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Lets also talk about certain countries that should be licensed. By that I mean a full license, with correct names and all presets. Teams in the Americas need to be addressed I'm talking about countries like Mexico, Chile Uruguay and get that Brasil licesne back, what was that all about?


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I would prefer bundesliga over Eredivisie. I agree that getting J-League, MLS and the brazilian league would be awesome! Are the licenses for these leagues so hard to obtain?

KONAMI got no chance since EA holds exclusive licenses from Bundesliga,English Premier League,Chelsea,Arsenal and Manchester City.The list proved how greedy they are to monopolize sports gaming market.:(


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What konami needs to do is the following ::

Give us a fake German league just like the do with the premiere .. You know fake logos fake teams for the realactual players, we all can fix the uniforms and logos ..also try to get more teams from around the world

For ex: get the lincese for the top5 teams of Africa like Orlando pirates and al-ahly
Get the licenses for the other big clubs in Europe Like partisan
Get the license for the argentine league and the rest of the big teams from south America that didn't make the copa libertadores
Add the copa sudamericana
Maybe license for the club world cup ?
And how bout more national teams ?
Like Jamaica, malasya
And I'm not sure bout the licenses but gives the option to change the kind of trophy you are playing for on each unlicensed competition
How bout we get to customize and create cleats ?

Dean Richmond

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if konami gave us the opyion to customise as many leagues and teams in them leagues as we wanted, then option file makers would include every league in the world, and thus have more licenses than fifa.

hope they allow this and not have a limit as to how many teams you can create


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what i want is a second division for every single league in master league, so that i don't have Burnley(GTM and MM option file) getting promoted to la liga at the end of the season lol. Also give us unlimited slots for club badges so that it atleast looks like there licensed, i'll never understand why they give us limited space for this.


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Yeah, like what Dean said, I've always thought you should be able to create new and add to the list, rather than just edit what's there.


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i'd like to have the rising teams from the east: just think about teams like Anzhi, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Metalist etc. There is a lot of money rolling at the moment and these teams will play a good role in european competitions in the following years. furthermore i really wish they would add Santos. Without Santos the Copa Libertadores is something like the Champions League without Barcelona...