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RDR Single-Player Discussion


Registered User
I finally completed the story a few days back. Great, heart wrenching ending. I was left thinking, there must be another way!

The only thing I've got left to do is complete the Master Hunter challenges.

I've just ordered this today after playing a little of it round at a mates. Can't wait to get started!

Just don't know whether to go down the honourable route or the outlaw route now? I think playing as an outlaw might be more fun but I reckon my conscience might get the better of me and I'll be a good guy :D


New Member
Fuck me this game is phenomenal. I've done about 10 missions but now that I have the lasso it's too hard not to fuck about. So many great moments - not least the epic poker game where it came down to me and this black guy, who cleaned me out before his untimely death - but the highlight was when I ran into that huge train tunnel and was followed soon after by some other guy screaming 'God help me!' as he was being attacked by three coyotes. I tried to save him but he died; in the darkness I wasn't sure if I killed him or not. I have a bounty on my head of about $300 which I just can't shake. And I know I haven't even scratched the surface of what this game has to offer.

Dan and Sweey, if you're on later, about 11, do you fancy a quick session - and then perhaps a free roam session afterwards?

You must be a very good player then and i can see that you're too carried away by the game, but in a nice way.. anyways, good luck to your character.. i'm just a beginner actually and haven't done any single mission yet. :)


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This game is amazing. Never have I been so into a game's storyline, its sub plots and even the side missions are interesting and mysterious. I finally got to exploring the game and what it had to offer in terms of fucking about and its as good as GTA, or probably maybe because we've all been so accustomed to the urban jungle type game we find this one great to play.

I tried the online free roam today for the first time and its just as good. I think im going to stick with the fat Mexican and the Donkey for a long time.


Witchfinder General
Aye. I don't do it though. I make a habit of gunning down any of those bastard hunters you see from time to time slaughtering them.

Bigfoots however are fair game. I often prefer to put them out of their misery rather than let the zombies get them which they do with hilarious ease most of the time.
I wiped out the proud Buffalo in two swift swoops.

Buffalo rifle on the back of my trusty stead. One shot kills, they had no chance.


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I wiped out the proud Buffalo in two swift swoops.

Buffalo rifle on the back of my trusty stead. One shot kills, they had no chance.

@Barn I too am I gun crazed conservationist. Only I'm allowed to kill animals anyone else - no dice.


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Some of these are pretty epic:

(SPOILER ALERT: Don't watch if you are playing the game and haven't completed it yet)



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what do you mean 15 endings? I've completed it 100% and platinum, can you get different endings?

EDIT: just watched the video, the music is different? awesome. :)


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It's a fan video. They're the same ending just with different soundtracks - it's amazing how a simple change of music can change the effect of a scene.
The Terminator, George Michael and Kenny Logins one raised a wry smile, and the Johnny Cash, and Mazzy Star ones weren't too bad, but only one piece of music does it for me.


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:laugh: Seeing that bear come out of nowhere and totally fuck one of the guys over made me think back to the first time I ended up in tall trees while playing online.

Stealthy fuckers those uni-bears.